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About Oxipack

Oxipack is a specialist in non-destructive leak detection in airtight or vacuum packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries. With unique, accurate leak test equipment and advise, Oxipack offers support to the packaging industry all around the world. Packaging companies from all over Europe and far beyond, get in touch with Oxipack for efficient leak detection solutions.

Reasons for choosing Oxipack

When packaging fresh food products in airtight packaging very strict quality requirements must be met. A reliable, accurate and fast way for checking whether the packaging is airtight is very important. Previously the bubble test method was made extensive use of for testing for leaks. Helium was also used as a tracer gas. These methods are now redundant.
Oxipack has developed a revolutionary, alternative method that is supremely efficient. It is unique to vacuum and airtight packaged products. In essence the approach is based on measuring pressure differences in the smallest possible flexible measuring chamber. Clean, dry and precise.
The test method is so reliable and accurate that even small leaks that would normally take days to detect are traced immediately. It works equally well on mini-packs or 25 litre packaging. Tiny holes measuring 10 µm are detected within 30 seconds. The equipment is easy to operate: place the packaging inside and press the start button. If the green light comes on the packaging is okay.
In an industrial company, quality is assessed in terms of continuity versus the lowest possible costs within a safe working environment. All departments, from production to quality, are constantly concerned about optimisation. Oxipack can help you with this. We have extensive experience in the food products industry.
Working in close cooperation with your quality department, R&D and production department, we will draw up the ideal leak detection system. This system could make use of random test sampling or in-line checking; both systems ensuring the shelf life of your products is guaranteed. When doing this your wishes and requirements are the most important factors. The production line does not always have to be stopped to trace a leak.
At Oxipack we are committed to sustainability. And we do not like waste. Our equipment detects large and the smallest of leaks by measuring pressure differences. In doing this the packaged products are not damaged and they remain dry. Packaging that has passed the test does not have to be destroyed but can simply go back on the production line. This way the leak detection solutions of Oxipack reduce wastage and rejected packaging on the production line.
With an in-line leak detection solution you are guaranteed that all packaging that rolls off the production line is free of leaks and is airtight. The rejection of products further down the supply chain due to packaging leaks is a thing of the past.
Oxipack is an expert in leak detection for food products packaging. We also posses a great deal of knowledge about sealing techniques, engineering equipment and electrical engineering. All of these are vital aspects for providing sound advice concerning a forward thinking approach to quality control. We would like to develop to be THE knowledge partner for the packaging sector in the area of leak detection; for both existing packaging concepts and new ones. In Europe and further abroad.
In addition to an excellent balance between price and quality, Oxipack prides itself on outstanding service. Our strength is based on working together, with you the client. During the design stage and production and after delivery, we are ready to answer any questions you may have and to offer our support.



Oxipack, your knowledge partner

  • specialist in non-destructive leak detection
  • unique testing method
  • years of experience in the packaging industry
  • accurate, fast and simple leak test equipment
  • advises packaging companies the world over
  • customization where necessary

By making use of Oxipack’s services for leak detection, you are contributing to optimisation and sustainability in the whole supply chain, from packaging machine to consumer.

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