Beyers Coffee uses leak detection for sustainable production

Innovation and sustainability are key factors for this major player in the private label coffee business in central Europe. Corporate responsibility has always been of great importance to Beyers.

In all aspects of the business, from coffee bean to cup, the company ethos has always focused on social involvement. In order to ensure the production process is carried out in a responsible way, Beyers is economical with energy and raw materials. As regards production, Beyers uses 100% renewable electricity and the company uses coffee roaster that recoup heat. The company also tries to reduce the amount of packaging used and to operate in the most sustainable way possible.

Leak detection plays a crucial role in Beyers economical use of raw materials. The same applies in Naples, the birthplace of the espresso, where Kimbo, the number two espresso coffee in Italy, is produced. Beyers coffee has been testing, amongst others, the packaging of the Kimbo espresso coffee brand here since June for leaks and airtightness, using the Oxipack leak tester.

Rapid intervention

Beyers coffee is working on achieving their sustainability objectives with Oxipack’s leak tester being a part of their strategy. Oxipack’s non-destructive means of testing means that no atmospheric packaging from the “out of home” Kimbo brand espresso is wasted. Because at Beyers, coffee is precious, in all ways. Now, if the testing shows that leaking packaging is coming off the production line then the operator can immediately take action.