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Is it possible to test this big cubical shape package?

Testing large cube-shaped medical packaging


Six months ago, an injection moulder from the UK telephoned us. He produces medical devices to administer drugs against diabetes and lung diseases. And asks: Is it possible to test...

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R&D can this packaging be tested for leaks

homepage, R&D

Every week the developers of Oxipack receive phone calls from R&D managers, product developers, packaging technologist, engineers and packaging development managers. These people want to improve their leak detection systems...

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Optimizing the production by early leak detection

homepage, Production

Leak detection is essential within Lean Six Sigma process checking. Improvement of the checking system of the packaging production line will optimise the production process. In-line leak detection will...

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Preventing quality complaints by accurate leak test

homepage, Quality

It is very disturbing if complaints are received from consumers about spoiled food products. Perhaps the packaging had a leak. Of course the Quality Department continually carries out sample testing...

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Never again: 24 hours of producing leaking bags


Ever since vacuum packaging was introduced, the coffee sector has struggled with one problem: microscopic leaks can only be detected after 16-24 hours. Sometimes machines can produce leaking packaging...

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Reducing food wastage


The Belgian supermarket and wholesaler, Colruyt, has a large number of their own production and packaging facilities. The environment and sustainability are key issues at Colruyt Group. “Our products need...

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Can the sugar free variant use the existing cap?

R&D, Quality

A well known brand of lemonade syrup would like to introduce a variant without any added sugar. The existing metal bottle has a plastic pouring cap, sealed with a removable...

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New design needs customised leak test equipment


Sometimes marketeers and packaging designers come up with revolutionary new forms of packaging. One such example is the Senseo Sarista which allows fresh coffee beans to be fed from individual...

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Fast and accurate testing in all sizes


Rixona is a leading producer of dried potato products, such as potato granules and flakes. This food products subsidiary of Aviko turns over more than 70 million euros. In total...

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