Custom made solution for the milk powder industry

Quality and product safety are essential in the milk powder industry. Different designs of packaging are used within the milk powder industry to ensure the quality of the milk powder.

Milk powder producers are increasingly trying to distinguish themselves in new, innovative and original packages. Oxipack is happy to think along with these new developments in the market and is able to come up with an unique customer-specific solution in a short time.

For a well-known premium milk powder producer, there is now a customized solution for milk powder in the form of a box. Within 30 seconds the package is tested non-destructive for leaks and ‘holes’ down to 10 micron (one hundredth of a millimeter). This clean, dry and fast way of testing can be seen in the video above.

Oxipack has delivered various customer specific machines in the last years. For example: the Oxipack Can Leak Tester (for testing 99 Ø, 127 Ø and 153 Ø millimeter cans) and the Oxipack Bottle Leak Tester (for testing bottles) are used globally by different customers to tests their packages on leak and airtightness.

Looking for a solution too?

Do you want to be sure that your new packaging is leakproof and airtight? Have them tested with one of our specially customized solutions. Just like above package, it is not always necessary to test the entire packaging for leak and air tightness. We are happy to discuss the opportunities with you, just give us a call or send us an e-mail.