Feedback from R&D vs Production

Occasionally we ask our customers to come to visit us and give us feedback. Can the existing Oxipack leak test equipment still be improved? And if so, how? R&D staff who use the leak tester in test situations answer these questions quite differently than production managers who work around the clock with it.

During a visit from one of our major customers with production facilities in Switzerland, France and England, we noticed this different approach. The international delegation uses the standalone leak test equipment both at production sites as in the testing center within the R&D department. They came together to give feedback and to discuss possible adjustments to these solutions. However, the preferences of R&D were found to be very different from that of the operators, using the leak detector in production lines.

R&D desire: graphs on display
The R&D staff rather prefers a large color display instead of simple buttons. On the display they’d like to modify test scripts and settings right away. Also R&D wants to do more with the collected data. They want to read the data directly on the spot on a screen in graphs, during the leak testing in the lab. Thus, any variations in measurements are quickly noticed in the graphic display: are the measurements running as they should?
For this Oxipack has developed a customized solution. Specifically tailored to the needs of R&D, suitable for various forms of packaging, possibly by means of insert molds.
Oxipack Leak Detector with special display for R&D with insert molds
Production: we need a clear alarm
All these adjustments and modification possibilities – according to R&D’s wishes – are just not desirable for use in the factory. The location manager of one of the factories has used the stand alone leak tester for six months at various production lines. He is very outspoken: “The current leak tester works as it should work. You can quickly and easily test for leaks, nothing needs to change in this. Operators do not have time at all to interprete data on graphs. What I would like is a loud and clear alarm that informs us immediately if there is a leak. Then we can intervene right away. All these data graphs are less relevant in production. What happened yesterday is already history, I want to solve the problems that arise today. It should stay a robust device, I do not need large screens that can only be broken. For me a clear alarm is enough. Then all that data may go to a central system via a cable, if I just don’t need to do anything with that. ”

More testing lines with one unit
Also the location manager wants to test three production lines producing all the same packages by using one leak detector. Thereby separating the test data per production line 1, 2 and 3. This way he can see if Line 1 produces more leaks compared to Line 3, and try to figure out why.
This can be achieved. For this, a special display is available. This allows the operator to indicate which production line he is testing. The display for use in the factory will be provided with very clear rugged keypad buttons.