First inline leak detection system assembled

Oxipack has developed an in-line leak detection solution for a well known premium milk powder producer. This will be seamlessly integrated into a new, fully automatic packaging production line.

Every minute 150-180 cans are filled with milk powder and sealed with a special airtight ring-pull cap. The production line keeps running at the same speed. Shortly after being sealed the cans are tested for leaks using the Oxipack unit. The leak detection unit detects all leaks in the cans that are tested, right down to 10 micron. In this way any problems in the production line are immediately discovered.

Automatically returned
Every 120 seconds three cans are extracted from the production line, tested and then returned to the production line. The cans are returned to the places the next test cans are pulled out of. In this way a set number of samples are automatically tested for leaks. This set-up was assembled in our new production facility. It was then fully tested and given our clients seal of approval. The equipment will be installed and enter service on the customer’s site in the third quarter of this year.