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Meet the founding partners

Arjan Smit has been developing leak test equipment for packaging since 1974, originally at the coffee roasting Douwe Egberts. This leak detection specialist founded Oxipack Leak Detection in 2010. Now every packaging company can call upon his specialist knowledge concerning leak detection. The worldwide demand for his unique, accurate and non-destructive leak test equipment is considerable.

The commercial side of the business is taken care of by his son, Serge Smit. Then Pim Jobse has strengthened the company with his design and production experience. The three founders will do all in their power to support you in your leak detection issues.



The management team

Arjan Smit
Innovation Director

Arjan Smit is committed heart and soul to developing new leak detection solutions. Personal contact is important to Arjan.

Serge Smit
General Director

Serge Smit is keeping Oxipack’s rapid expansion on track. Serge likes to have clear agreements and short lines of communications.

Pim Jobse
Technical Director

As innovative prototype developer, Pim Jobse enjoys sharing his thoughts when working alongside clients. Pim likes efficiency and ensures production planning is streamlined.

Where did the idea for Oxipack come from?

How does a young company like Oxipack have so much experience in leak detection?
Why do we think it is so important that our precision measurement equipment works reliably? Where does this fresh take on leak test issues come from? Find out more in History of the company.

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