Friends of Oxipack honorary position in new location

Exactly two years after the previous move Oxipack has moved to a building that is three times as large.

The new premises offer the coming years plenty of space for the realization of developments that have been put into motion the last four years, and for further growth. An increasing number of large packaging industries and food producers rely on the expertise of Oxipack.

Beside ordering stand-alone leak detection devices, these industries want to deploy 100% leak detection solutions, in order to meet even higher quality levels. These parties need both a knowledge partner as a smart thinking developer, who is able to invent the equipment and engineer and manufacture it as well.

Friends of Oxipack
Oxipack owes the realization of the rapid growth not only to its growing team of staff. The valuable support of strategic thinkers, fellow entrepreneurs and active helpers is greatly appreciated.

During the grand opening on January 20th, Serge Smith unveiled a photo board picturing the ‘Friends of Oxipack’: Thijs Aarts, René Piron, Arjan Muis, Frank Borsboom, Charles Kuitenbrouwer and Arie Vonk. Serge Smit: “Partly thanks to these friends, Oxipack is what we are now, thank you so much!” These friends will have an honorary place in the new building.

Two industrial halls
The new location is situated in the industrial area ‘Doornkade’, located along the ring road in Houten, near the A27 exit. It has two large production halls. In one production hall all processes around stand-alone leak detection equipment are to be concentrated. The second production hall offers enough space to develop, build and test various inline leak detection lines at the same time.

Vision for the future
One of the ‘friends of Oxipack’, Thijs Aarts, is a visionary engineer, rooted in the coffee industry. Thirty years ago he already figured out leak detection solutions for issues that arised only recently in the packaging market. He has a clear vision on the development of leak detection in the future.

Thijs Aarts predicts: “do you want to know what the future holds for leak detection? The packaging industry is heading towards integrated, fully automatic inline quality test systems. By then the quality manager of the factory – wherever he is – will log on his system to monitor how well each packing line has performed the last day. So, with one glance, he directly supervises all quality indicators for packaging, including leak detection.”