Heinz Innovation Centre tests using mobile leak tester

Heinz Innovation Centre, the largest Heinz R&D centre outside of the USA, is going to test new packaging designs for leaks using Oxipack’s mobile leak tester.

The 57 Centre in Nijmegen has state of the art research and development facilities and an ultra modern microbiology lab. The research centre wants to make use of leak detection in the early stages of development of new packaging designs to determine if they are leak and air tight. The Heinz Innovation Centre has therefore decided to use Oxipack’s Mobile Leak Tester.

Can be used anywhere
With its compact design, the leak tester can also easily be carried onboard a plane. This means it can be used in all sorts of locations. Thus packaging can be tested during initial test runs. The Mobile Leak Tester can also be deployed when a new packaging line goes into production. In this way leak testing can be carried out immediately on-site.

As a manufacturer of a variety of products in the food produce industry, it is vital for Heinz that quality is high. This applies particularly with regards to the packaging being free of leaks.