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Fully automatic leak testing

Are you involved in a new packaging design or a new packaging machine that is being developed? Have you thought about how to include leak detection?

The sooner consideration is given to leak detection at the beginning of the project, the simpler it is to implement. Ask Oxipack for their thoughts and ideas. This could for example be about guidelines for checking for leaks in a new type of packaging.

Working in close cooperation with the R&D and Engineering departments, Oxipack can develop in-line leak test equipment that could be seamlessly integrated into the packaging production line. This could be a fully automated system for example, checking every one in sixty packets. A 100% leak detection system can be implemented in some packaging production lines.

Advice about in-line leak detection
Working alongside you we can look at integrating your quality requirements into the production process. What are the possibilities of improving the success of your quality control with regards to leak detection? In doing this we make use of our leak testing equipment and knowledge of industrial processes and technical know how. We have years of experience with in-line leak detection in vacuum packaging. Automated in-line leak detection can be achieved for other types of packaging, such as preformed cheese or meat packaging, sealed jars or cans of (milk)powder.

From the point of efficiency and sustainability considerations, every new packaging production line should include 100% leak detection. The company that includes leak detection in the planned project right from the start is the company that has the percentage of leaks under control from the outset. This allows product innovation plenty of room to flourish.

We can guide you when setting up the required parameters in close cooperation with your production and quality control departments. When working together Oxipack can bring its broad range of experience to bear in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and leak detection. Our experts can develop a special module to your specifications. In this way you could have an in-line leak detection system up and running on your packing line within a couple of months. This also applies to existing packaging production lines.

In-line solution for 120 packets a minute
By using in-line leak detection according to the Oxipack pressure test method, you increase your grip on the packaging process. In-line leak detection sustainably improves your bottom line and is a must within Lean Six Sigma programmes. You can find more about this in Optimising the production process with in-line leak detection.


These cans of milk powder are continuously tested for leaks, fully automatically.

video-120Every minute 120 packages containing cheese are tested for being airtight. Using this Oxipack in-line leak detection solution 100% of packages can be checked.

Want to know more about in-line testing?

Would you like to know more about our in-line leak detection methods and get to know what the possibilities are in an informal discussion?

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