Inline leak detection of flexible liquid pouches at Interpack 2017

Are you familiar with flexible pouches containing juice or squeezed fruits, sometimes having a spout lid? These doy packs are also used to contain liquid snacks for cat or dog. Until recently it was not possible to test this kind of pouches for micro-leaks. Now Oxipack has devised an inline leak detection solution. The demo version can test 60 pouches per minute inline.

This scoop will be presented at the Interpack packaging exhibition in Düsseldorf, from 4-10 May. Especially for Interpack a small demo version is designed. It is the first leak detector in the world that can fully automatically test 60 flexible fluid packages per minute for leaks inline.

Serge Smit, managing director of Oxipack, explains the concept behind this type of leak detection. “This flexible packaging does not contain detection gasses. So leak detection methods based on gas detection will not work. Next, these doy bag pouches contain almost no air, only juice, fruit of fluid. There is no ‘headspace’ that is normally used to measure air pressure differences. For this reasons, Oxipack has developed a revolutionary new leak testing method to test his kind of flexible liquids packaging. The demo version shows that it is possible to check 100% of the packaging automaticly for leaks.”

Leak detection 2.0
At the question if the branche needs this kind of developments, Smith looks quite amazed. “Food manufacturers have been searching for years to find a solution! There is a tremendous need. Last week a food manufacturer overheard we were preparing this demo for the exhibition. He immediately made an appointment to see the test setup for himself. And another large manufacturer informed if it is possible to test sauces and soups for airtightness as well. The answer is: yes, indeed! So this is truly an example of leak detection 2.0.”

Oxipack invented yet another revolutionary measurement process to accomplish this. Smit:

“No longer the pressure change is measured in the immediate area of the packaging, but the pressure in the package itself. If this pressure does change, it must be a result of leaking fluid or product. And that can be measured. We can do this in open space, without using an enclosed gauge. That’s why it can be done so fast.”

Leaky pouches detected at high speed
The demo machine will show that it is possible to test flexible liquid pouches for leaks. Within a compilation of less than three yards, leaky pouches are detected at high speed. Pouches enter and leave the detection unit, dashing to and fro in a U-shape. Already the capacity amounts to 60 packs per minute. In an actual arrangement integrated into the packaging line, much higher speeds are feasable, such as 120 per minute.
Te testen flexibele vloeistofverpakkingen
Highly accurate leak detection
The measurement process is fully automatic, fast and very precise as well. Oxipack can detect tiny leaks up to 10-50 microns, upward of one hundredth of a millimeter. The accuracy of the measurements depend upon the viscosity of the liquid content. Testcycles have proved micro leaks up till 10 microns can be detected when the pouches contain water. During the Interpack trade show, customized calibrated leak demo’s will be used. Fair visitors can see for themselves how these leaky containers are detected and ejected at full speed.

At Interpack 2017
The Triennial Interpack exhibition is just the place for us to present this visionary and sustainable invention to the packaging industry. For it is in Düsseldorf where the industry comes to see technological progress first. Oxipack leak detection is located in Trade Fair Hall 5, Stand A35.

Oxipack op Interpack 2017