Innovation in leak detection in 5 minutes

In only 5 minutes time, the television interviewer summarizes a development period of over 35 years of leak detection.

For the broadcast of RTL7 GreenProjects, Serge Smit is interviewed about the history of leak detection. This started with testing in the water tank and leads to leak detection 2.0 right now. It is simply explained how the developments in leak detection have taken place.

Reducing waste
For many years the food industry tested samples in the water tank: is the food package leaky? Do you see any bubbles? After leak testing the old fashioned way, all wet samples had to be discarded. This led to a considerable waste of food and sometimes still does.

Non-destructive leak testing
A huge step forward in the history of leak detection was the stationary leak tester of Oxipack. We presented these three years ago. The leaktester tests flexible packaging and form-proof coffee capsules in a non destructive manner. All tested samples that appear to be airtight can be sold. This reduces the waste allready considerably. New developments decrease the waste even more by inline testing.

100% inline testing
In the meantime, Oxipack has taken the step towards 100% inline testing of flexible fluid packaging. This we call genuine ‘leak detection 2.0’ of up to 60 or even 120 packs per minute. The latest Oxipack leak detection innovation has been presented on Interpack 2017.

Founder Smit
In this video founder Arjan Smit also tells about his drive. By starting a leak detection company, he wanted to preserve his knowledge of leak detection for the future. And now  many companies can benefit from it and reduce food waste by improving their test methods. Smit shows a revolutionary new leak detection method.