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Our way of working

Oxipack does not just supply the big players in the food products sector and the packaging industry. Smaller packaging companies in Europe and beyond also make use of our leak detection equipment.

We would be pleased to advise you about an advanced approach to leak detection.

Support for leak-free packaging

Please do approach us with your questions. Working together we will arrive at the best solution. Depending on your production process and application, we can offer you suitably adapted equipment or a made to measure solution. We often design equipment based around the specifications of the customer. Due to the flexible construction, the Oxipack models are suited to many types and kinds of packaging, no matter what the mixture of gasses are in the packaging. Our models can be used in practically all applications.
Working alongside you we can look at integrating your quality requirements into the production process. What are the possibilities of improving the success of your quality control with regards to leak detection? In doing this we make use of our leak testing equipment and knowledge of industrial processes and technical know how. We can guide you when setting up the required parameters in close cooperation with your production and quality control departments. When working together Oxipack can bring its broad range of experience to bear in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and leak detection.
We like personal contact, clear agreements and short lines of communication. Your wishes and requirements are naturally of paramount importance.
When building test equipment to client specifications Oxipack works with a variety of parties. The delivery time varies for each model and depends on the specifications.

  • Delivery time for the standard models is 10-12 weeks, depending on the exact model.
  • Oxipack can deliver custom built stand alone test equipment within 12-26 weeks.
  • For in-line projects we can lay down a clear time schedule.


How to request details from Oxipack?

Would you like to know more about our leak detection methods, request a demonstration or talk to us for some advice? We would be pleased to take the time to discuss matters with you and to hear details of what leak detection problem you want to solve.

  • We would therefore ask you to contact us by email, using a contact form.
  • You will hear from us within two working days. One of our technical staff will call you to discuss your questions.
  • During this conversation we can make an appointment to come and see you on site and discuss matters and we can also demonstrate the Oxipack leak detection method.
  • If the distances involved are too great, we may ask you to send a range of packaging, so we can test them at our premises and let you know about our findings.
  • Would you like us to submit a tender? We would be pleased to submit a written, competitive tender, free of charge, for your particular requirements.
  • Would you prefer to speak to someone at Oxipack? Please feel free to call us. In most cases we will be able to discuss matters straight away or we can call you back if more convenient.


Oxipack, your knowledge partner

  • specialist in non-destructive leak detection
  • years of experience in the packaging industry
  • accurate leak test equipment
  • advises packaging companies the world over
  • efficient leak detection solutions
  • customization where necessary
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