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Testing rigid packaging

How do you test airtight packaging that has a rigid form for leaks? Packaging with a solid, rigid form cannot be tested with the Stationary Leak Tester, the membranes would not fit properly. For this type of rigid packaging that contains air or an inert gas, we have developed a different kind of leak tester that snugly envelopes the shape of the packaging as closely as possible.

What types of packaging?
This model uses specially made to measure mould inserts to test for leaks on a range of rigid products. In this way Nespresso coffee cups, blister packs of tablets, coffee pods or ready meal trays can be simply tested to check if they are airtight.

Even cans of milk powder can be tested
For applications involving, for example, cans of milk powder, a special Can Leak Tester has been developed with a rubber membrane. This membrane exactly mirrors the shape of the can.

The Can Leak Tester also uses pressure differences to test for leaks. With this model a bell jar containing a flexible rubber membrane in the same shape as the can drops down over the packaging. A vacuum is then created in the surrounding space. If the can has a leak this is shown by a change in the pressure in the measuring bell jar. The packaging itself remains intact.


  • For random sample testing.
  • Tests rigid packaging that contains a set quantity of air or inert gas (MAP).
  • The measurement chamber can be precisely customised using various moulds and/or membranes for a variety of packaging.
  • The robust leak tester is ideally suited to testing in an industrial environment.
  • Within thirty seconds a pressure difference of 700 mbar is created. By doing this it is possible to detect leaks right down to 10 µm.
  • Simple to operate: a green light indicates if the packaging is sound and a red light indicates a leak.


The moulds are precisely tailored to fit the shape of the rigid packaging, thus decreasing the area to be measured.
The membrane of the Can Leak Tester follows the exact contours of the cans to be tested.
Type Packaging to be tested Features
Capsule/cup tester For coffee pods and a variety of sealed cups The insertion mould is made to measure
Pad Leak Tester PLT For 9-48 coffee pods Available in a variety of insertion moulds
Can Leak Tester CLT For cans of milk powder etc Made to measure


Can your packaging be tested?

Would you like to know whether your product packaging can be tested for leaks using one of the models in our range? We would be pleased to find out if it can be tested.

If necessary Oxipack will develop a customised leak tester by adapting parts of the equipment to precisely match the shape of your packaging.

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