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The Oxipack leak detection method

Exactly how airtight and leak-tight is packaging when it comes off the production line? The Oxipack leak detection equipment can trace major leaks but most importantly it can also detect micro leaks. This can be done immediately after food products or medicines have been packaged. This allows you to optimise the packaging process and prevent any complaints regarding quality.

The equipment developed by Oxipack measures pressure differences. This way of testing means the packaging is not damaged and remains dry. This unique non-destructive method of measurement reduces wastage in the production line and prevents products being rejected further down the supply chain. In this way Oxipack leak detection contributes to you achieving your goals with regards to sustainability.

We can offer both manual testing solutions or fully automatic options whether you prefer them offline or inline.


All these types of packaging can be tested for any leaks by our devices.

What type or form of packaging needs checking for leaks?

Offline leak testing: the manual option

Are you looking to carry out spot sample testing offline, using stand alone leak detection? The Oxipack stand alone leak test equipment can be deployed for daily set up routines and for checking the packaging production line – as well as for routine quality control. The standardised Leak Testers are accurate and fast, whilst the packaging remains intact, clean and dry.

There are specific models for many types and forms of packaging options. The Oxipack stationary leak tester series, tests packaging from XS to XXXL. All our equipment can be connected to databases using a network connection, thus allowing the recorded data to be consulted elsewhere.

What types of packaging can Oxipack test?

  • Oxipack has a wide range of standard measuring equipment for flexible packaging of varying dimensions.
  • We can also custom design and develop equipment for you, to meet your specific requirements and to match the properties of the rigid packaging that requires testing.
  • The leak test equipment can also be tailor made for vacuum packaging to suit the form of the product that needs testing.
  • Perhaps you don’t need to test the whole packaging, just the top, cap or seal of the packaging. For testing caps we develop leak test equipment specifically for this purpose.

Why choose Oxipack?

  • Every model detects leaks right down to micro leaks of 10 µm.
  • Leak detection within 30 seconds.
  • Simply to operate and read off results.
  • The leak test is non-destructive, the packaging is left intact.
  • The measurement results are not operator dependant.
  • The Leak Tester records the last 2,500 readings.
  • Contributes to achieving yoursustainability goals.

Inline leak testing is fully automated

Are you looking for a completely automated inline leak detection method? Oxipack can develop inline leak test systems that can be fully integrated into the packaging production line. Thus for instance 1 out of 60 packages can be tested for a leak in a production line that produces 120 packages per minute.

Full testing of packaging can be carried out as well. We have developed an inline application that allows you to test 60 packages a minute.

video-inlineThis in-line leak detection solution will be seamlessly integrated into a new, fully automatic packaging production line.
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