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Testing vacuum packed food for leaks

A microscopically small leak in a vacuum package is hard to trace. In some cases micro leaks can only be detected by queezing the package 24 to 48 hours after packaging. Then they feel soft. But Oxipack provides a quick alternative solution!

How it used to go (and sometimes still does)
To eliminate possible leaks in the vacuum packaging, rows of pallets of packaged products often were stored temporarily one or two days and nights. After which a selection was checked manually to feel if there were any soft bags.
This postponed testing represents a substantial production risks. If the person who verifies finds too many leaky packages the consequence might be that all packaging produced in the meantime has to be rejected. In many cases these will then have to be cut open and repacked again if possible, or be discarded as waste. 

Immediately after sealing
At the time we developed our leak detection method for the famous Dutch coffee roaster Douwe Egberts. This invention made it possible to determine whether a package leaks or not – shortly after the vacuuming and sealing. Which is long before anyone might observe this by squeezing the packages.

This method is further developed by Oxipack, resulting in the very reliably operating Vacuum Leak Tester.  Now you can test samples for leaks regularly with this device, right after packaging. As a result the temporary storage can be greatly reduced or even become superfluous. This contributes to a tight Lean Six Sigma supply chain management.


  • The Vacuum Leak Tester has been operating for years now in the coffee industry without any problems.
  • For random sample testing.
  • Testing of vacuum packaging that contains a slight amount of air or inert gas in between the product, for example ground coffee.
  • The measuring chamber and the membrane can be made to precisely fit the packaging that needs to be tested.
  • Within thirty seconds a pressure difference of 700 mbar is created. By doing this it is possible to detect leaks right down to less than > 10 µm.
  • Simple to operate: a green light indicates if the packaging is sound and a red light indicates a leak.


The measuring chamber of the Vacuum Leak Tester fits precisely around the vacuum coffee or rice packaging

Residual pressure measurement

Does the vacuum packing machine operate properly? You can check this regularly by determining the actual pressure in the vacuum packed products. This is also called the “residual pressure”. Using the Oxipack Residual Pressure Gauge, the operator can easily find out whether the vacuming bell jars in the production line are properly adjusted.

Naturally, the packed product remains intact – this is an important feature of the Oxipack equipment. Due to the non-destructive measuring method, it is possible to test quickly if the product is properly vacuumed, without loss of product and / or packaging material.

1 device for a variety of dimensions
The Residual Pressure Gauge is modular with interchangeable blocks. This allows packed products of different sizes  easy to be tested with the same device.

In consultation with you Oxipack will advise which options are best. The residual pressure meter is adapted to the situation of the customer – no extra charge.

Systematic assessing the vacuum machine

Through random checking the residual pressure you ensure that the production line and vacuum bell jars are properly adjusted. Thus, it is advisable to carry out a  test during each start-up or restart of the production.

The number of packages to be tested is adjusted to the number of vacuum bell jars. The results show of each vacuum bell jar if this meets the appropriate settings.


The Residual Pressure Gauge is an accurate pressure meter to check the vacuum of packed products of various sizes.

Type Dimensions of the packaging to be tested Features
Vacuum Leak Tester VLT 250 and 500 grammes coffee A different measuring head is provided for each size of packed product.
Residual Pressure Gauge Modular structure for the  testing of a range of sizes of packaging. Measures the actual vacuum pressure in the packed product. Thus can be tested if the vacuum packing machine is working properly.


Can your vacuum packed products be tested?

Can your vacuum packed products be tested using the Vacuum Leak Tester or Residual Pressure Gauge? We would be pleased to find out if it can be tested. Where possible Oxipack will design and produce a customised device by adapting the measuring chamber to match your packaging specifications.

Request sample test

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