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Looking for accurate non-destructive leak detection for packaging?


Are you packaging coffee pods, nuts or pet food in flexible packaging? The Oxipack leak testers can test these for any leaks.


Do you want to know for sure that your coffee cups, blister packs, sealed meals or cans of (milk) powder are airtight? Test them.


Packs of coffee, rice, sliced cheese: many types of vacuum packed foods can be tested for leaks.


Want to know for sure that the top, cap or seal is airtight? Have them tested using the customised Oxipack Specials equipment.

Why choose Oxipack?

Our leak detection equipment can test all items that are vacuum packed or have airtight seals. Oxipack offers a non-destructive solution for all problems relating to leaks in packaging.

Thus you are able to:
• minimise the percentage of leaks in packaging;
• prevent complaints about leaks in packaging;
• reduce food wastage;
• also use leak testing in new forms of packaging!

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