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Bottles And CapsFor Leaks

Advanced leak testing ensures every bottle & cap seals perfectly, safeguarding liquids and meeting top quality standards.

Bottles Must Be Airtight

Bottles and caps are fundamental in maintaining the quality and safety of liquid products, from beverages to chemical solutions. Our precise leak testing procedures ensure that every bottle and cap combination is rigorously evaluated to prevent contamination and leakage, upholding the highest standards of packaging integrity.

Targeted Cap Integrity Testing

Oxipack’s systems specialize in ensuring the tightness and proper sealing of bottle caps, crucial for preventing contamination and maintaining product quality throughout shelf life.

Versatile Bottle Compatibility

Our technology supports a broad range of bottle shapes, sizes, and materials—from glass to plastic—ensuring flexible application across various sectors, including beverages, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products.

The Testing Procedure

Bottles are positioned in a chamber where a vacuum is applied, exposing them to negative pressure. If there are any leaks, air or gas escapes. While detection is often facilitated by a custom FDA-approved membrane, we also have the capability to test bottles without a membrane, depending on the specific requirement of the test.

User-Friendly Operation with Instant Feedback

Simple to operate, our leak detectors provide instant feedback via an intuitive interface, with clear indicators for pass/fail results, empowering operators to make quick decisions on the production line.

High-Speed Leak Detection

Designed for efficiency, our detection systems swiftly identify leaks without slowing down the production line, enabling high throughput and minimizing disruption in fast-paced manufacturing environments.

Precision Pressure Measurement

With advanced sensors, our machines precisely measure pressure differences to detect even the smallest leaks at the cap or bottle interface, providing a critical quality check before products reach consumers.

Automated Testing for High Volumes

Fully automated testing capabilities allow for the assessment of large volumes of bottles and caps, making our technology ideal for extensive production runs that require consistent quality assurance.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Our equipment meets stringent industry standards, ensuring that all testing procedures for bottles and caps comply with international regulatory requirements, which helps safeguard brand reputation and consumer trust.

The Importance of a Non-Destructive Leak Testing for rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging benefits greatly from non-destructive leak testing. This method ensures the integrity and durability of containers while preserving their structure. It offers a reliable way to detect even the smallest leaks, safeguarding contents and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Ultimately, non-destructive testing empowers manufacturers to enhance product reliability, minimize waste, and optimize operational costs.


Improved Seal Integrity

Non-destructive leak testing ensures that both bottles and caps maintain a perfect seal, preventing leaks that could compromise product quality and safety, particularly important for liquids and sensitive substances.


Regulatory Adherence

For industries such as pharmaceuticals and beverages, compliance with health and safety regulations is crucial. Leak testing helps manufacturers meet these stringent requirements by ensuring that all packaging is secure and tamper-proof.


Cost Reduction

By identifying leak issues before products leave the factory, manufacturers can avoid costly recalls and reputational damage. Non-destructive testing saves resources by preserving the tested products for sale rather than destroying them.


Consumer Confidence

Ensuring that bottles and caps are leak-free boosts consumer trust in a brand, as customers are assured of purchasing safe, uncontaminated, and high-quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test multiple sizes bottles with the same leak tester?

The answer is yes 90% of the time. Let us know what you need and we will run some tests to see what the possibilities are.

Can you test bottles filled with liquid?

Yes, as long as there is enough headspace.

Can you test open packaging?

When we receive your photos and samples our Centre of Expertise will examine the possibilities and propose a test method tailor-made for your challenge.

Is there a lobartory version of the Bottle Leak Tester?

There is an R&D/laboratory version of this leak tester available. With a touch-screen and easy to operate menu, you can perform the tests on leak-tightness yourself.

Can you test our bottles inline?

Our Projects team will gladly take a look for automated quality control systems fitting your packaging! Send us your requirements together with pictures of the products you would like to test and we will have an answer for you within two weeks.

Our Packaging Methods

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Can my bottles and caps be tested?

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