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Other PackagingIndustry Solutions

We push the limits of leak detection with our advanced technology, serving industries that demand top safety, purity, and integrity. Our innovative, non-destructive vacuum decay methods seal every package perfectly, protecting contents from contamination and boosting consumer confidence.

Protect Every Product, Preserve Every Promise: Advanced Leak Detection Across Industries

With Oxipack, every industry can achieve higher standards of package integrity, reduce waste, and enhance product reliability.

Innovative Leak Detection for Diverse Packaging Needs

At Oxipack, we understand that leak detection is crucial across various industries, ensuring the integrity and quality of packaging is maintained from production to delivery. Our non-destructive testing methods, including the advanced vacuum decay technique, provide reliable and precise results, making us a leader in leak detection technology beyond just food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Versatility Across Industries

Oxipack's leak detection systems are versatile and adaptable, capable of handling various packaging formats and materials used across multiple industries. Whether testing thermoformed packaging, cheese packaging, or any other specialty packaging, our solutions deliver superior performance, ensuring that every package tested meets stringent industry standards for quality and durability.

Curious About Testing Your Unique Packaging?

If you're wondering whether we can test your specific type of packaging, we're more than ready to explore the possibilities with you. Reach out to us, and let's discuss how we can ensure the leak-tightness and integrity of your packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of seal integrity test methods used in the packaging industry?

Seal integrity testing methods are split into two main types: deterministic and probabilistic. Deterministic methods, like the Vacuum Decay Test and Ultrasonic Testing, provide direct, reliable measurements for checking seal quality. On the other hand, probabilistic methods, such as the Visual Inspection and Bubble Test, depend on chance to assess seal quality, which can introduce some uncertainty and requires interpretation.

Can Oxipack's leak detector solutions detect leaks in packaging of any size or shape?

Container closure integrity testing, also known as pharmaceutical package testing, is a crucial aspect of ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical packaging. It involves using quality inspection tools to assess the integrity of sealed containers. One common method is vacuum decay testing, where the sealed container is subjected to a vacuum to detect any leaks or breaches in its integrity. This process helps pharmaceutical companies maintain the quality and efficacy of their products by ensuring that they are properly sealed and protected.

Are Oxipack's leak detection methods safe for all types of products?

Absolutely. Our non-destructive leak detector methods ensure that the product inside the packaging remains untouched and uncontaminated, making it safe for food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive products.Our non-destructive leak detection method is based on vacuum decay ASTM F2338-09 standard. You can read more here.

What is ASTM F2338 and why is it important for a leaktest?

ASTM F2338 is a standard method for conducting leak checks in packaging through vacuum decay, playing a crucial role in leak testing. It offers a non-destructive, sensitive, and reliable approach to ensure packaging integrity. Oxipack's leak detection solutions, designed in accordance with this standard, guarantee precision and the ability to detect even the smallest pressure differences in packaging.