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Working At Oxipack: A Technology-driven Experience

Build a sustainable future at Oxipack. We combine engineering expertise with a passion for reducing waste. Join us and develop innovative leak detection solutions that minimize environmental impact.

Why Work at Oxipack?

At Oxipack, we prioritize innovation and sustainability, advancing our technologies to meet high integrity standards and reduce waste, driven by our commitment to excellence and teamwork in enhancing global packaging solutions.

Innovative Environment

Work with pioneering leak detection technologies like our unique vacuum decay method; our robust designs and focus on innovation offer endless opportunities.

Sustainability at Heart

Join a team committed to a zero-waste world, where our Oxipack Zero Waste Foundation embodies our dedication to sustainability in all aspects of our operations.

Collaborative Culture

At Oxipack, our founders, inventors, and specialists collaborate continuously, ensuring every voice contributes to perfecting our leak detection solutions and our collective success.

Global Impact

Join our team and directly improve product safety and quality worldwide with our solutions that impact numerous industries.

Development Opportunities

We invest in our people, offering ongoing training and professional development to enhance your skills and advance your career.

Do You Recognise Yourself In The Following Traits?

Creative Thinkers

Do you thrive on thinking outside the box? We're constantly seeking creative minds who are passionate about technology and sustainability.

Team Players

Do you excel in a team setting where collaboration drives growth and success? We're looking for team players like you, dedicated to achieving greatness together.

Add Efficient Communicators

Clear and effective communication is key. We need team members who can articulate complex ideas simply and collaborate effectively across teams.

Problem Solvers

Are you passionate about tackling new challenges and crafting innovative solutions?

Adaptable and Proactive

Are you adaptable and ready to embrace innovative methods in non-destructive testing? We value individuals like you, who are quick to adapt and thrive on innovation.

Add Dynamic

Are you energized by fast-paced environments and diverse challenges? We're on the lookout for dynamic individuals who bring agility and enthusiasm to evolving industry needs.

Life at Oxipack

At Oxipack, life is about more than just work—it's about thriving in a collaborative environment where innovation leads and sustainability matters, fostering a culture that values every team member's contribution towards our shared goals of efficiency and waste reduction.

Team Testimonials

Hear directly from our team members about how Oxipack’s supportive and innovative atmosphere has empowered them to grow professionally

staff thumbnail

Shivam Kumar

Business Development Manager

An ideal work environment for learning and growth is one that fosters an open platform for new ideas and innovation. From day one, my manager has been incredibly supportive of my personal and professional development, providing me with a special plan tailored to my goals and aspirations. Additionally, the company values employee input and actively seeks suggestions for team-building activities. It plans company activities by taking into account individual preferences, ensuring that everyone has a say in what they would enjoy as a fun activity with their team. This collaborative approach not only promotes a positive work culture but also encourages creativity and camaraderie among team members, ultimately contributing to overall employee satisfaction and success.
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Wouter Haars

Head of Production

Here at Oxipack, we’re not just about making top-notch leak detection systems that fit any setup—offline, inline, or something totally custom. What really drives us is our team spirit. I’m super proud to be part of this amazing group of people who are all about cutting down waste in the food industry. It’s awesome to work together towards a world that’s a bit cleaner and a lot more sustainable. Every day brings new challenges, but having such a dedicated team around makes it all exciting. We’re on this journey together, and I couldn’t be happier about it!
staff thumbnail

Mandy Serruys

After Sales Manager

Here at Oxipack, we ensure that your path to growth aligns with what works best for you. We take a personalized approach, understanding your goals and how we can implement them together with Oxipack. Not only does Oxipack foster a pleasant work atmosphere within the company, but we also emphasize teamwork. Each colleague is a crucial piece of the puzzle, so that together, we form a complete picture. Additionally, Oxipack is committed to contributing to a cleaner and healthier world.
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Daniela Bautz

Finance and Office Manager

For me, working at Oxipack has meant going to the office every day for almost 9 years with great pleasure. Doing my job requires interacting with everyone. Whether it's invoicing our sales, booking a full trip for the engineer expected at the customer site, or answering questions related to human resources. I enjoy them all equally and feel like a spider in the web, the fine short lines of communication I have with everyone, I wouldn't want to trade them and look to the future with pleasure and enthusiasm.
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Robert van der Rijst


It's a welcoming and safe environment.
The work is always varied, sometimes easy, sometimes challenging, but it consistently keeps you focused on what you are doing.
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Joris Janson

Project Engineer

As a project engineer at Oxipack, I thrived on collaborating with clients to develop custom leak detection solutions. From initial concept to integration within production lines, I ensured projects ran smoothly and met client needs.

Internship At Oxipack

Oxipack partners with ROC Utrecht, prioritizing vocational education-business connection. Recognized for work-based learning, we offer internships in mechatronics, electrotechnics, and engineering. Students gain hands-on experience in real-world settings.