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Enhancing Food Safety with Oxipack’s Advanced Leak Detection Technology

Published on
January 18, 2023

Dealing with consumer complaints about spoiled food can be a significant setback for any food manufacturer. Often, these issues arise due to inadequate packaging integrity, which traditional testing methods may fail to detect.

Limitations of Conventional Leak Detection Methods

Traditionally, food manufacturers have relied on the bubble test method or manual squeezing to detect leaks in packaging. While these methods provide some indication of a leak, they lack precision and certainty. Particularly concerning is their inability to detect micro leaks smaller than 30 µm, which can lead to spoiled products reaching consumers, resulting in complaints and damage to brand reputation.

Oxipack's Standalone Leak Detection System

To address these challenges, Oxipack offers a superior alternative with its standalone leak detection system. Utilizing advanced pressure measurement technology, this system offers a dry and non-destructive testing method that delivers results within thirty seconds. The system’s precision extends down to leaks of just 10 µm, ensuring a thorough validation of the packaging process and significantly reducing the incidence of leaks.

Operator Independence and Consistent Quality Assurance

One of the standout features of Oxipack's technology is its operator independence. Unlike traditional methods that rely heavily on the operator’s skill and attentiveness, the Oxipack system produces consistent results regardless of who conducts the test. The equipment displays clear outcomes—a green light for no leak and a red light for detected leaks—eliminating subjective interpretation and variability in results.

Advantages of Non-Destructive Testing

Oxipack’s method is not only accurate but also non-destructive. Packages tested for leaks do not need to be discarded as they often are with bubble tests, where packaging may become contaminated or damaged in the immersion tank. This feature significantly reduces waste and allows airtight packages to be returned to the production line, enhancing sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Customizable In-Line Leak Detection Solutions

For manufacturers interested in further integrating leak detection into their production lines, Oxipack collaborates closely with engineering teams to develop customized in-line testing solutions. These systems check every package automatically, ensuring that no defective packaging reaches the warehouse or, ultimately, the consumer.

A Sustainable and Economical Investment

Investing in Oxipack’s leak detection systems not only reduces the volume of consumer complaints and packaging rejections but also aligns with sustainability goals by preserving tested products. This makes Oxipack’s solutions not just a technical upgrade but a sustainable, cost-saving investment for the future.

Switching to Oxipack’s advanced leak detection technology transforms the packaging process, offering unparalleled accuracy, reducing waste, and ensuring that food products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. If you are considering enhancing your production line with reliable, efficient leak detection, contact Oxipack today to discuss how we can support your quality assurance objectives.

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