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How Non-Destructive Leak Testing Supports Eco-Friendly Packaging Goals

Published on
September 22, 2020

As the packaging industry rapidly evolves to meet global sustainability goals, the demand for non-destructive leak detection methods has surged. Companies are increasingly seeking innovative solutions that maintain the integrity of new, eco-friendly packaging materials. How can we ensure that these materials are reliable without compromising their structural integrity?

The Growing Demand for Sustainable Packaging

In recent months, there has been a notable increase in requests for non-destructive leak detection solutions. This trend is particularly evident in the packaging industry, driven by the global push towards bio-based and biodegradable packaging. Major food producers aim to introduce fully climate-neutral packaging by 2025, making leak detection an essential part of the packaging development process.

Oxipack: Your Partner in Sustainable Packaging

Oxipack is well-positioned to support this transition. Our expertise in leak detection and innovative testing methods can determine the viability of new packaging materials. Our Center of Expertise can often provide a testing solution within a week, complete with a working prototype. Upon receiving samples, our team immediately assesses the best testing alternatives and provides precise measurement results, identifying detectable leaks and ensuring the reliability of the packaging.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

We have observed a rise in bio-based capsules and other paper alternatives to traditional packaging. These innovations, along with ongoing queries about replacing destructive testing methods, highlight the need for non-destructive leak testing. By reducing food waste and lowering costs, non-destructive testing methods contribute directly to sustainability goals.

The Advantages of Non-Destructive Leak Detection

  • Preservation of Packaging Integrity: Non-destructive methods, such as vacuum decay, do not damage the packaging, allowing it to continue through the production process if it passes the test.
  • Accuracy and Sensitivity: Methods like vacuum decay can detect even the smallest micro leaks, ensuring the highest quality standards.
  • Cost Efficiency: Non-destructive testing reduces waste and lowers production costs by eliminating the need for multiple test samples.
  • Environmental Benefits: By supporting the use of biodegradable and bio-based materials, non-destructive testing aligns with environmental sustainability goals.

The shift towards sustainable packaging is undeniable, and the need for reliable, non-destructive leak detection is critical. Oxipack stands ready to partner with companies in this journey, providing the expertise and technology necessary to ensure the integrity and reliability of new packaging solutions. As we move forward, embracing non-destructive methods will be key to achieving both quality and sustainability in packaging.

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