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How Oxipack Transformed Leak Detection for a Leading Snack Company

Published on
September 1, 2021

Years ago, Oxipack was approached by a prominent player in the snacks industry. This company, committed to providing the best quality snacks in the world, sought to improve their packaging and reduce leaks. They needed fast and accurate testing, and that’s where the Oxipack Stationary Leak Tester showed promise.

The snack company was already familiar with other leak detection methods, such as the bubble bath test and another less precise method. However, the Oxipack Stationary Leak Tester revolutionized their approach: faster, more traceable results, the ability to test multiple packages simultaneously, no need to change settings, and a significant reduction in waste.


How was the Oxipack method implemented? Initially, Oxipack visited the customer and compared the Stationary Leak Tester to their existing methods. No settings needed adjustment, and the results were not only more accurate but also more consistent, thanks to the flexible patented membrane. The first leak tester was placed next to one of the production lines, and the accuracy of the results surprised the production team, revealing many previously undiscovered leaks.

Once accustomed to the Stationary Leak Tester, the benefits became clear: no water in the production environment, no wet hands, no dirty basins needing observation, and no more tank cleaning. Water was eliminated from the production environment, reducing the risk of leaks and significantly cutting down on food waste. The ease of use reduced training time and the time spent on testing. After the first training, all factory colleagues were convinced of its added value. Now, the Stationary Leak Testers are used daily for testing and evaluating new materials or packaging improvements.

Together with the snack company, thresholds were established for each product group, allowing for quick testing of single and multiple sample packages of the same group without changing settings. Oxipack is now the preferred supplier for all their leak detection solutions.

2025 Goals

All major food companies are working on making their packaging more sustainable. This includes using paper-based packaging or mono-film for easy recycling. Oxipack’s leak detection methods can help companies reach these goals faster, providing quick testing to ensure new packaging is airtight and capable of guaranteeing shelf life.

Currently, over 40 Oxipack Leak Testers are used daily to test snacks. Do you want objective results on whether your package is leak-tight? Send us your samples for a free test report.

We will gladly assist you with your (snack-related) leak detection challenges!

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