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Advancing Packaging Integrity: Oxipack’s Expertise in Leak Detection Solutions

Published on
September 6, 2022

Every week, developers at Oxipack engage with R&D managers, product developers, packaging technologists, engineers, and packaging development managers. These professionals seek to enhance their leak detection systems or explore the testability of new packaging concepts. We at Oxipack are always ready to provide our expertise in crafting potential solutions for these inquiries.

Leak Detection for Existing Packaging

Often, issues arise on production lines due to inadequate detection of leaks, which may be due to the inefficiency of existing systems. Oxipack specializes in a pressure measurement-based leak detection method that enhances accuracy significantly. We collaborate closely with client production and quality control departments to configure the necessary parameters, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

In-depth Customization for Leak Detection

For organizations requiring a comprehensive approach, Oxipack leverages its extensive experience in mechanical and electrical engineering to develop customized in-line leak detection systems. These tailored solutions are crafted to fit seamlessly into existing production environments, enhancing leak detection without disrupting established processes.

Innovating with New Packaging Forms

When involved in the development of new packaging concepts, it's crucial to consider leak detection early in the design process. This could be through in-line testing or random sampling, depending on the design's suitability for existing equipment. Early integration of leak detection simplifies implementation and optimizes investment, ensuring that the final product meets quality standards right from the start.

Ideal Timing for Leak Detection Integration

The best time to incorporate leak detection is during the initial design phases. Waiting until production is underway often results in costly redesigns. Early consideration allows for straightforward modifications that support in-line leak detection, streamlining the entire development process.

Addressing Challenges with Prototype Testing

For newly developed packaging concepts, Oxipack provides standalone leak detection equipment that can immediately assess sample runs. This helps establish a quality benchmark early on. For short-term needs, we also offer rental of precise measuring equipment, facilitating early detection and resolution of potential issues.

Tackling Hard-to-Test Packaging

There are instances where packaging designs defy conventional leak detection methods due to their complexity or the subtlety of potential leaks. Oxipack thrives on these challenges, offering customized solutions that go beyond standard procedures to ensure every product meets stringent quality controls.

Oxipack is committed to enhancing the reliability and integrity of packaging through advanced leak detection technology. Whether you're fine-tuning existing lines or pioneering new packaging forms, our experts are equipped to support your goals with innovative solutions and expert guidance.

If you’re ready to elevate your packaging standards, contact us at Oxipack. Let’s ensure your products are perfectly sealed and market-ready.

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