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What Makes Oxipack Unique?

Published on
November 16, 2022

During an interview with Contentway B.V., Serge was asked, “What makes us unique?” The full interview, detailing Oxipack's expertise, is featured in the Dutch commercial edition of Contentway titled “De Toekomst van de Economie” (The Future of the Economy). Here’s a glimpse of what makes Oxipack stand out in the industry.

Serge Smit, Founder and CEO of Oxipack Leak Detection

The Future of the Economy

Oxipack delivers efficient leak detection solutions that significantly reduce waste and costs. Global food processing and pharmaceutical companies rely on Oxipack for both advice and equipment.

What is Oxipack?

Oxipack was founded with a vision to invent and sell as much non-destructive leak detection equipment as possible to minimize packaging waste. Currently, many packages are tested using traditional methods and discarded afterward, even when the packaging is intact. On average, 4-8 packages per hour per line are wasted globally, highlighting a significant issue of resource wastage.

Our Method of Operation

Our non-destructive, human-independent method is more accurate than traditional techniques and actively combats waste. We aim to provide companies with faster and better testing from a sustainable, zero-waste perspective. As leaders in this niche, we are one of only a few companies worldwide offering such solutions. Our equipment detects pressure differentials in packaging, which is critical as most supermarket packaging contains gases like CO2 and nitrogen to extend shelf life. If oxygen enters the packaging, it leads to oxidation, spoilage, and flavor loss. Our technology ensures that all tested packages remain undamaged and dry, thereby reducing waste and rejects further down the production line.

What Makes Us Unique?

Unlike some competitors, Oxipack specializes exclusively in non-destructive leak detection solutions. This focus allows us to swiftly respond to market changes and customer requests. The packaging industry is continuously evolving with new recyclable or renewable materials, and our customers often seek our advice. We strive to find non-destructive solutions for all new sustainable packaging, and we do not sell a solution unless it meets our rigorous standards.

What Can Still Be Gained?

Currently, there is minimal focus on non-destructive testing, as we operate at the end of the production chain. Companies often overlook packaging considerations during marketing or product development phases. This oversight is unfortunate because significant gains can be achieved by integrating packaging decisions early in the production process.

Realizing our goals swiftly is crucial. Many companies proclaim their commitment to sustainability with targets set for 2025. However, by adopting non-destructive testing today, they can immediately make a sustainable impact. It is regrettable that so much is discarded when substantial savings and benefits are readily available in the market.

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