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Achieving 2025 Packaging Goals with Oxipack’s Advanced Leak Detection for Paper-Based Materials

Published on
May 6, 2024

As a packaging R&D manager, you're committed to meeting ambitious 2025 sustainability goals by exploring innovative materials such as paper-based packaging. However, ensuring these new materials are leak-tight is paramount. Oxipack's leak testers offer a reliable solution to confirm the integrity of your packaging.

Leak Testing for Paper-Based Packaging

Paper is gaining traction as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging. However, developing these new materials can be complex due to their unique properties. Ensuring that these paper-based packages are leak-tight and maintain product freshness until the best-by date is crucial.

Package Leak Detection for Paper-Based Materials

Oxipack’s leak testers are designed to evaluate packaging in a dry, efficient manner. Our technology allows for testing various sizes without the need for adjusting settings or swapping parts. This method eliminates the use of water, enabling quick, reliable tests on all types of packaging, including experimental paper-based options.

Challenges and Solutions in Leak Testing Paper-Based Materials

Testing paper-based packaging presents unique challenges due to its absorbent nature. Traditional methods like bubble testing are ineffective as they could destroy the packaging. Oxipack has innovated special settings tailored for paper-based packaging, providing precise measurements of leak tightness. These settings assist in adjusting your packaging machinery or sealing bars, allowing for immediate testing of modifications.

Seal Integrity and Leak Testing for Paper-Based Packaging

Sealing paper-based packaging can be more challenging than plastic, due to the varying ease of sealing across different paper materials. The Oxipack Stationary Leak Tester provides instant feedback, helping you determine if a new material or adjustment enhances seal integrity.

Leak Testing of Carton Cans

Beyond flexible packaging and metal cans, Oxipack also excels in detecting the smallest leaks in paper-based cans. Our Can Leak Tester is equipped with advanced software that differentiates between the natural porosity of the carton and actual leaks, based on ASTM F2338-09 standards, without the need for added gases. When a leak is detected, the system provides an indication of the leak’s size, enabling precise quality control.

Get Started with Oxipack

Interested in testing the leak tightness of your paper-based packaging? You can try, rent, or purchase an Oxipack Leak Tester. Send us your samples in advance, and we’ll set you up with the appropriate configurations and initial results. Our Oxipack engineers provide unlimited support to ensure you maximize the benefits during your R&D phase.

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