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Beyers Boosts Sustainability in Coffee Packaging with Oxipack Leak Detection

Published on
June 3, 2013

Innovation and sustainability are cornerstones for Beyers, a major player in the private label coffee business in Central Europe. With a strong emphasis on corporate responsibility, Beyers integrates social involvement and environmental stewardship into every aspect of their operations, from coffee bean to cup.

Commitment to Sustainability

Beyers is committed to reducing energy consumption and raw material usage throughout their production process. The company uses 100% renewable electricity and employs coffee roasters that recoup heat, demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices. Furthermore, Beyers actively seeks to minimize packaging waste, striving for the most sustainable operations possible.

The Role of Leak Detection in Sustainability

Leak detection is essential to Beyers' strategy for economical use of raw materials. In Naples, the birthplace of espresso, Beyers has been testing the packaging of the Kimbo espresso coffee brand since June, using the Oxipack leak tester. Kimbo, the second-largest espresso coffee brand in Italy, benefits from this advanced leak detection technology to ensure airtightness and quality.

Rapid Intervention and Quality Control

Beyers' collaboration with Oxipack supports their sustainability objectives. Oxipack’s non-destructive leak testing ensures that no atmospheric packaging from the "out of home" Kimbo brand espresso is wasted. This method allows immediate action if leaking packaging is detected, preventing further waste and ensuring product integrity. As Beyers values coffee in every sense, this rapid intervention capability is crucial for maintaining high standards and reducing waste.

Beyers' integration of Oxipack's leak detection technology underscores their commitment to sustainability and quality. By adopting non-destructive testing methods, Beyers not only preserves precious resources but also enhances their production efficiency and environmental stewardship. This partnership exemplifies how innovative technology can drive sustainable practices in the coffee industry.

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