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FrieslandCampina Kievit Invests in Advanced Leak Detection for Superior Packaging Quality

Published on
March 7, 2014

FrieslandCampina Kievit has made a significant investment in enhancing the quality and sustainability of their packaging with the adoption of Oxipack’s stationary leak tester. This move aligns with their ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the industry. The demand for superior leak detection has led to the integration of this advanced technology, ensuring that their encapsulated ingredients are securely packaged.

Advanced Leak Detection Technology

With a customized model of Oxipack’s stationary leak tester, FrieslandCampina Kievit can now test industrial packaging weighing up to 25 kg for leaks and airtightness. This advanced leak detection method allows for quick, accurate, and non-destructive testing in a dry environment, eliminating the need for traditional bubble test methods or trace gases.

Meeting the Highest Quality Standards

FrieslandCampina Kievit, an operating company of FrieslandCampina, specializes in producing spray-dried, encapsulated ingredients for the global food industry. These ingredients comply with all industry standards and the highest quality requirements. Their commitment to quality extends to their leak detection processes, where they adhere to the strictest standards to ensure product integrity.

Benefits of Non-Destructive Leak Detection

The Oxipack leak tester provides several key advantages:

  • Speed and Accuracy: The ability to quickly and accurately detect leaks ensures that packaging integrity is maintained without delays.
  • Dry Testing Environment: The testing is conducted in a dry environment, avoiding the mess and potential contamination associated with water-based methods.
  • Non-Destructive Method: The packaging remains intact during testing, reducing waste and ensuring that products are not compromised.

Sustainability and Quality Commitment

FrieslandCampina Kievit’s investment in this technology underscores their dedication to sustainability. By adopting non-destructive testing methods, they reduce waste and contribute to more efficient use of resources. This commitment to sustainability complements their unwavering focus on delivering high-quality products.

FrieslandCampina Kievit's adoption of Oxipack’s stationary leak tester marks a significant advancement in their quality control processes. This investment not only enhances the integrity of their encapsulated ingredients but also aligns with their sustainability goals. By utilizing state-of-the-art, non-destructive leak detection technology, FrieslandCampina Kievit continues to set the standard for quality in the food industry.

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