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Amcor Flexibles Enhances Packaging Quality with Oxipack’s Leak Detection Technology

Published on
May 7, 2024

Ricardo Burgess, the Quality Assurance Manager at Amcor Flexibles in Cape Town, South Africa, oversees the production of sustainable, flexible packaging for the food, beverage, pet food, and pharmaceutical industries. Amcor is renowned for its innovative solutions in bag-in-box, pouches, and reel stock packaging materials.

Discovering Oxipack

The journey to Oxipack began four years ago at Amcor’s AF Novgorod plant, which was already a supplier for a global pet care brand. Impressed by an Oxipack leak detection unit installed there, Ricardo saw its potential for the Cape Town facility. "We were in the midst of cross-plant learning to qualify for local market supply, and integrating an Oxipack unit became part of our strategy," Ricardo explains.

Oxipack’s Impact on Amcor’s Operations

The stringent leak detection standards required by their clients made Oxipack’s solution ideal. "Oxipack’s unit allows us to meticulously review all test results and implement necessary measures efficiently," says Ricardo. This capability was instrumental in Amcor successfully passing the qualification process and becoming a regular supplier to the global pet care brand.

Simplifying Quality Assurance

Ricardo praises the Oxipack unit’s ease of use and reliability. “It’s our primary test method for leak detection across all the pouches we manufacture.” The unit requires only compressed air and electricity, simplifying operations. Oxipack also supports Amcor with annual visits for service and calibration, ensuring the equipment performs optimally.

Endorsement and Recommendation

Ricardo is enthusiastic about recommending Oxipack to others in the packaging sector. “The unit is straightforward, the results are extremely accurate, and it can detect even micro leaks. It gives us the confidence that the pouches we deliver are defect-free.” This endorsement underscores Oxipack’s role in bolstering Amcor’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable packaging solutions.

Amcor Flexibles’ adoption of Oxipack’s advanced leak detection technology illustrates the significant benefits of integrating cutting-edge tools into quality assurance processes. As companies like Amcor lead the way in sustainable packaging, Oxipack’s solutions are proving essential in ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction.

For more information on how Oxipack can enhance your packaging processes, contact us today.

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