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Ensuring Airtight Packaging: Oxipack's Advanced Leak Detection for Milk Powder Cans

Published on
May 20, 2015

In a major advancement for the packaging industry, Oxipack has developed an in-line leak detection solution for a renowned premium milk powder producer. This state-of-the-art solution will be seamlessly integrated into a new, fully automatic packaging production line, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Seamless Integration with Automated Packaging

The new production line will fill and seal 150-180 cans of milk powder per minute with a special airtight ring-pull cap. Despite the high-speed operation, the production line will maintain its pace without any interruptions. Shortly after sealing, each can is tested for leaks using Oxipack's advanced leak detection unit, which can identify leaks as small as 10 microns. This ensures that any issues in the production line are immediately detected and addressed.

Automated Leak Detection Process

Every 120 seconds, three cans are automatically extracted from the production line for testing. After undergoing leak detection, the cans are returned to their original positions in the production line. This automated process ensures a consistent and reliable sample testing method without disrupting the production flow.

Quality Assurance and Client Approval

The entire setup was assembled and rigorously tested at Oxipack's new production facility. After thorough testing and validation, the equipment received the client's seal of approval. The leak detection system is scheduled to be installed and operational at the customer’s site in the third quarter of this year, marking a significant milestone in the partnership between Oxipack and the premium milk powder producer.

Oxipack's in-line leak detection solution represents a significant leap forward in ensuring the integrity and quality of milk powder packaging. By seamlessly integrating this technology into a fully automated production line, Oxipack helps its clients maintain high standards while optimizing efficiency. This innovative approach not only detects even the smallest leaks but also provides immediate feedback on production quality, ensuring that any issues are swiftly addressed.

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