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From Milk Powder to Microchips: Oxipack’s Unique Approach to Leak Detection

Published on
November 22, 2021

Over the past decade, the possibilities of non-destructive leak detection have surpassed our wildest imagination, say owners and Centre of Expertise members Pim Jobse, Arjan Smit, and Serge Smit. The requests we receive are highly varied, even within the same industry.

For example, we have designed a Can Leak Tester for leak testing milk powder cans, a Tubs Tester for rigid paper-based powder packaging, the Stationary Leak Tester for flexible milk powder pouches, and the Sealed Vacuum Leak Tester for vacuum-packed cheese.

It’s not just the diversity of products that keeps our work engaging but also the different stages of life we encounter through leak detection challenges. In the same year, we have been asked to test condoms for microleaks as well as body bags. Our work spans industries beyond food, from leak testing microchips for transmission towers to testing ink cartridges. Whether it's infant formula or cannabis, all products share a common requirement: a leak-tight seal to avoid issues caused by leaks. Quantities also vary widely, from one product a day to inline leak detection at 120 packs per minute.

Each Challenge is Unique to Us

How Do We Approach a New Request?

First, we examine the packaging to see if it can be tested with one of our existing leak testers. About 90% of the time, we can meet the customer's requirements with an existing tester or a simple modification.

For the remaining 10% of cases, we enter a development phase to design a new leak tester tailored to the customer’s specific needs. This process starts with a prototype to demonstrate feasibility. Our Technical Engineers then design a completely new machine. On average, we design and develop 5-10 new leak testing systems each year, each tailored to a completely new type of packaging.

We are the only company dedicated exclusively to creating the best non-destructive package leak detection solutions in the industry. We are proud to contribute to better products and a better world every day.

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