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How Oxipack is Leading the Charge Against Packaging Waste

Published on
November 24, 2022

Reducing Waste with Oxipack's Innovative Solutions

Did you know we established the Zero Waste Foundation two years ago? At Oxipack, we are committed to creating a world without waste, and a major factor in this mission is tackling packaging waste. When packaging leaks, the products often become unusable, leading to unnecessary waste. Our goal is to change that.

Reducing Packaging Waste

Packaging waste is a significant issue, and at Oxipack, we are determined to address it. With a zero-waste philosophy, we have developed non-destructive leak detection solutions for packages. Unlike destructive methods such as bubble tests, which render the packaging unusable by immersing it in water, our non-destructive testing ensures that the packaging remains intact and dry. This not only reduces waste but also saves costs by preserving the product's integrity even if it passes the leak test.

Reducing Food Waste

Leak detection is essential to reducing food waste. Early detection of leaks prevents packages from being returned later in the supply chain, which can happen if the product's quality has deteriorated due to defective packaging. By ensuring that packaging remains leak-tight, we help maintain the quality and safety of food products, reducing unnecessary waste and additional costs for manufacturers. Additionally, our non-destructive methods eliminate the use of water in the testing process, addressing hygiene concerns in industrial environments.

Our machines are not just limited to food packaging; they are also effective in reducing packaging waste for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Leak-tight packaging is crucial for maintaining the quality of these products, and our leak detectors are designed to cater to various industries and packaging types, ensuring comprehensive waste reduction.

Project Trees for All

The Zero Waste Foundation uses collected funds for projects that contribute to reducing waste and protecting the environment. Last year, in collaboration with Trees for All, we offset 111 tons of CO2 by sequestering it in certified forest projects at the foot of the Andes in Bolivia.

Curious about our initiatives this year? Keep an eye on our news page for the latest updates!

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