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How Oxipack Redefines Longevity with Advanced Leak Detection Technologies

Published on
May 4, 2024

The Evolution of Leak Detection: From Historical Methods to Modern Mastery

Has the promise of "long-lasting" products truly stood the test of time? This question is at the heart of the packaging industry's shift toward more rigorous leak detection and airtightness testing over recent years. With a legacy stretching back a century, the quest for quality has long been a cornerstone of manufacturing. Yet, it's only with modern advancements that we've been able to surpass the limitations of earlier technologies.

At Oxipack, our commitment to innovation led us to develop a straightforward yet highly effective solution tailored for high-care environments. This groundbreaking method utilizes a membrane made from FDA-approved materials, designed to detect even the smallest imperfections, identifying holes as tiny as 10 microns with remarkable precision.

Originally launched as a stand-alone unit, our can tester accommodated popular can sizes—99mm, 127mm, and 153mm. Unlike traditional methods, this solution operates without the need for traceable gases, offering a non-destructive approach to ensuring product integrity. This initial model paved the way for subsequent advancements, including the introduction of an in-line can tester in 2015.

Continuing our trajectory of innovation, 2019 marked the debut of a more compact, faster, and more precise version of the can tester. This latest iteration not only enhances production efficiency but also further refines the accuracy of our leak detection capabilities.

Continuing Innovation in Leak Detection

As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in leak detection, Oxipack remains dedicated to enhancing the quality and longevity of packaging solutions worldwide. Our journey from past to present is not just about technological advancement but also about providing our clients with the reliability and assurance they need in their packaging processes.

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