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How Oxipack's Leak Detection is Revolutionizing Cekacan Packaging

Published on
March 1, 2016

Are you looking to ensure the integrity of your packaging while minimizing waste and costs? The Cekacan system, developed in the 1980s, has revolutionized packaging for dry products. With millions of Cekacan packages produced worldwide, maintaining the quality of these packages is critical. A&R Carton, a leading manufacturer of Cekacan packaging, is now evaluating Oxipack's leak detection technology as a standard monitoring method. Here’s why this collaboration could redefine packaging quality control.

Innovation in Leak Detection

Last month, Oxipack installed a leak tester specifically developed for Cekacan packaging at A&R Carton's main production location in Lund, Sweden. This decision to collaborate with Oxipack stems from A&R Carton’s continuous pursuit of innovative testing methods.

Simon Holka, Packaging Development Specialist at A&R Carton, explains, “We are always interested in new testing methods. We scan the market for new, interesting testing methods, and Oxipack is one of them. To understand our customers and speak the same language, we are at the forefront of evaluating and developing monitoring systems for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).”

Expertise in Packaging Solutions

Simon Holka began his career as a mechanical engineer and has secured four patents for his company. One of his designs even won a German packaging award in 2013. Now, he focuses on delivering quality packaging solutions aimed at product protection. To guarantee the quality output of Cekacan sealing machines, A&R Carton uses a variety of monitoring systems.

“Our customers know their products best,” Holka explains, “and they set the requirements accordingly. Depending on the product, each client has their own requirements concerning the sealing equipment, from sift-proof up to MAP. Extensive testing is done with customer-specific products to find the

best possible sealing parameters.”

First Experiences with Oxipack Leak Tester

Holka shares his initial experiences with the Oxipack leak tester: “The equipment is non-destructive, offering simple and fast testing with clear results—‘leak’ or ‘no leak’. Simplicity and straightforward handling are key factors.”

When asked about the impact of the Oxipack leak test method on their approach to testing, Holka states, “It’s a simple and non-destructive test, which we will add to our list of tests for sure.”

Sustainability and Leak Testing

Holka also highlights the sustainability aspect of non-destructive leak testing. “Of course, this kind of non-destructive leak testing can contribute to sustainability. Once we complete our evaluation and confirm its effectiveness, we will recommend it to our customers. This would result in significant savings in both product and packaging material.”

Commitment to Food Safety and Hygiene

A&R Carton's commitment to food safety and hygiene is unwavering. Holka emphasizes, “Definitely, a tight pack is a must to protect the product inside.”

The Unique Cekacan Packaging

The Cekacan is an oval-shaped carton with a lowered seal, covered with a reclosable lid that often holds a measuring spoon. It was marketed as the first gas-tight paperboard can for dry, granular, and/or fatty products such as coffee, tea, milk powder, snack products, chocolate powder, and tobacco. This MAP packaging is specifically developed to prevent infestation problems common to these products. A&R Carton produces the flat carton and lids, while forming, filling, and sealing are done at the food producer’s plant.

Challenges in Leak Testing Cekacan Packages

Leak testing Cekacan packages is challenging due to the lowered easy-opening seal. Even slight pressure can open the seal, making traditional methods like the vacuum bell or bubble test unsuitable. Oxipack’s method ensures packaging integrity without destruction, maintaining the easy-opening feature crucial for consumers.

Oxipack’s non-destructive leak detection technology presents a significant advancement for A&R Carton’s Cekacan packaging, combining quality control with sustainability. By adopting innovative methods like the vacuum decay test, manufacturers can ensure product safety and reduce waste. The partnership between A&R Carton and Oxipack is a promising step towards enhanced packaging solutions, setting a new standard in the industry.

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