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How Oxipack's Quick Leak Detection Transforms Coffee Packaging Efficiency

Published on
April 8, 2024

Ever since the advent of vacuum packaging, the coffee industry has faced persistent challenges with micro leaks, which traditionally could only be detected after a time-consuming 16-24 hour wait. This delay meant that leaking packaging could go unnoticed for hours, potentially compromising entire production batches.

Traditional Leak Detection Methods

Historically, the only method to detect leaks in vacuum-packed coffee was manual compression of each package to test for softness, indicating air ingress. This process was later semi-automated; shortly after sealing, the seals were tested, and a mechanical system would remove packs with obvious large leaks after ten minutes. However, smaller leaks required the coffee to sit for 24 hours to allow for manual checks—a labor-intensive and inefficient method that still missed many smaller leaks.

The Cost of Inefficiency

This inefficient system not only required extensive labor but also delayed the distribution process as pallets of coffee packs were stored and re-checked multiple times. Management often remained unaware of the scale of the leakage problem until significant losses triggered a crisis, leading to urgent and costly measures to repackage potentially entire production runs.

Oxipack’s Innovative Solution

Recognizing these challenges, Oxipack has developed an innovative in-line leak detection method that identifies even the smallest leaks within ten minutes of vacuum sealing. This system measures the pressure inside each pack and compares it across the production line. Any deviation from the norm is flagged as a potential leak. This method adapts to changes in production speeds and other variables, making it highly accurate and reliable.

Benefits of In-Line Leak Detection

Oxipack's in-line leak detection system offers numerous advantages over traditional methods:

  • Immediate detection: Leaks are identified right after packaging, drastically reducing the waiting period.
  • Reduced labor costs: Eliminates the need for multiple manual checks.
  • Decreased storage needs: With immediate testing, there's no need to store pallets for extended periods, freeing up warehouse space and improving working capital.
  • Increased efficiency: The system is self-regulating and learns to adjust to the nuances of the production process, ensuring high precision.

Investing in Future-Proof Technology

The initial investment in Oxipack’s technology quickly pays for itself by markedly reducing the percentage of leaks, minimizing handling costs, and enhancing overall production efficiency. For the coffee sector, adopting such advanced technology means not just solving a persistent problem but setting a new standard in packaging quality assurance.

Are you ready to enhance your coffee packaging process with Oxipack’s cutting-edge leak detection technology? Contact us at to learn more about how we can help you secure the quality of your products.

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