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Ensuring the Integrity of Cheese Packaging with Oxipack’s Stationary Leak Tester

Published on
May 11, 2024

In the cheese industry, precision in leak testing is not just beneficial; it's essential. Given the unique characteristics of cheese products, even a micro leak can dramatically affect both quality and safety. Recognizing this, Oxipack has tailored several solutions specifically for the cheese industry, offering swift and precise evaluations to ensure packaging integrity. Crucially, all our tests are 100% non-destructive, and require no added gases.

The Stationary Leak Tester (SLT) at Noordhoek Kaas

Noordhoek Kaas, known for their premium grated cheese, has experienced significant benefits from implementing the Oxipack Stationary Leak Tester (SLT). CEO Tijmen Koelewijn shares their positive experience: “We tried various methods, but each had its drawbacks. The SLT stands out by not compromising on user-friendliness, speed, or accuracy. It tests non-destructively and doesn’t stress the seals, which means no more packaging failures or need for drying post-testing. This significantly cuts down our testing time and effort.”

The SLT has become a staple in their operations, utilized at both the start and end of production runs, with regular sample testing. Due to its success, Noordhoek is planning to expand its use by purchasing an additional SLT unit.

Exploring New Packaging Materials

As Noordhoek Kaas explores new packaging materials to meet rigorous industry standards, the question arises: will the SLT be part of this new phase? "We are currently assessing the shelf life with the new packaging materials. I can envision the SLT adding value in the next stage,” says CEO Koelewijn.

Are you looking to ensure your cheese products are impeccably packaged? Contact us at to learn how our Stationary Leak Tester can secure the quality and safety of your cheese.

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