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Multifill Enhances Packaging Integrity with Oxipack’s Leak Detection Technology

Published on
April 5, 2024

Willem-Jan Ruder, serving dual roles as Supply Chain Manager and Project Manager at Multifill in Mijdrecht, Netherlands, oversees the company's comprehensive logistics—from purchasing and production planning to internal and external operations. Multifill, known for filling cleaning and maintenance products as well as personal care items for various brands, faces unique challenges in ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction.

Discovering Oxipack Through Industry Connections

When asked how Multifill first learned about Oxipack, Willem-Jan shared that it was through their competitors, highlighting the interconnected nature of their industry. This unexpected referral led them to explore Oxipack’s renowned leak detection solutions as they grappled with persistent leakage issues in their packaging processes, particularly for products filled in cups and sealed.

Custom Solutions for High-Speed Production

Leakage in product packaging not only compromises the product's integrity but can also lead to significant customer dissatisfaction. Recognizing the critical need for a robust leak detection system, Multifill engaged Oxipack to develop a solution tailored to their specific needs. Oxipack engineered a leak detection machine capable of efficiently identifying both small and significant leaks in the packaging line, handling up to 60 cups per minute.

Installation and Ongoing Support

Willem-Jan was impressed with how Oxipack not only developed and installed the machinery but also provided continuous support, helping Multifill fine-tune the process to meet high customer expectations. "Oxipack helped us understand the process of leak detection and used this information to develop the machinery. They also installed everything and continued with their support afterwards, assisting us in further fine-tuning the process,” he stated.

Endorsement and Future Collaborations

Willem-Jan expressed his satisfaction with Oxipack's service and expertise, stating, "They were helpful and understanding, especially when it came to the high customer expectations." His positive experience has made him an enthusiastic advocate for Oxipack, ready to recommend their services to others in the sector. “Absolutely! Their expertise and collaboration were outstanding!”

Oxipack’s custom leak detection solutions have proven to be a game-changer for Multifill, significantly enhancing the integrity of their packaging processes and ensuring that their products meet the rigorous standards demanded by their customers. If you are facing similar challenges in your production line, contact Oxipack at to discover how their solutions can improve your operations.

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