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Oxipack Innovates Leak Detection Solutions Based on Customer Insights

Published on
July 26, 2016

Customer Feedback Drives Innovation at Oxipack

At Oxipack, customer feedback is essential for continuous improvement. We invite our customers to visit and provide insights on how our leak detection equipment can be enhanced. This interaction reveals varying needs between R&D staff and production managers, offering valuable perspectives for tailored solutions.

Diverse Feedback from International Customers

During a recent visit from an international delegation with facilities in Switzerland, France, and England, we observed distinct differences in feedback. The delegation, using our standalone leak test equipment in both production sites and R&D departments, highlighted varying preferences and needs.

R&D Preferences: Enhanced Data Visualization

R&D teams expressed a desire for advanced data handling capabilities. They prefer large color displays over simple buttons, allowing for immediate modification of test scripts and settings. They also want to visualize data in real-time with graphs, facilitating quick identification of measurement variations during lab testing.

To address these needs, Oxipack developed a customized solution tailored to R&D requirements. This solution includes a versatile interface suitable for various packaging forms, enhanced with insert molds for flexibility.

Production Needs: Simplicity and Robustness

Conversely, production managers prioritize simplicity and reliability. One location manager, with six months of experience using our leak tester across multiple production lines, emphasized the importance of a clear and loud alarm system. This immediate alert mechanism allows for prompt intervention, ensuring smooth operations.

Production teams do not require extensive data visualization on the spot. Instead, they prefer robust devices without fragile screens, focusing on current issues rather than historical data. The collected data can be sent to a central system, eliminating the need for on-the-spot data interpretation.

Optimizing for Multiple Production Lines

Additionally, production managers seek efficiency in testing multiple production lines with a single unit. They need to separate test data for each line to monitor performance discrepancies. To meet this need, Oxipack has developed a special display with rugged keypad buttons, allowing operators to indicate which production line is being tested. This feature ensures clear data separation and helps identify specific production issues.

The feedback from our customers is instrumental in driving innovation at Oxipack. By understanding the distinct needs of R&D staff and production managers, we can develop tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and reliability. Our commitment to incorporating customer insights ensures that Oxipack remains at the forefront of leak detection technology, providing solutions that meet diverse operational demands.

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