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Oxipack Spearheads Innovation in Infant Nutrition Packaging with Advanced Leak Detection Technology

Published on
May 14, 2024

A Call for Enhanced Packaging Quality

A leading global healthcare and infant nutrition producer sought Oxipack’s expertise to enhance the quality of their infant nutrition packaging leak testing. Despite familiarity with the Vacuum Decay (ASTM F2338-09) method, they were not satisfied with the performance of their existing leak testers.

The Search for Efficiency and Flexibility

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, the producer was drawn to Oxipack’s method due to its ease of use, flexibility—allowing all packaging types to be tested under the same settings—and cost-effectiveness. This led to an invitation for Oxipack to present at a packaging seminar in Spain, where Managing Director Serge Smit showcased the unique advantages of the Oxipack leak detection system. The seminar marked the beginning of an expanded collaboration.

Integration of Comprehensive Leak Detection Solutions

The customer has since integrated a range of Oxipack’s solutions, including Stationary Leak Testers, Can Leak Testers, and a 100% inline leak tester, to ensure their products are tested in a non-destructive manner. This adoption extends even to their co-packers, who are also instructed to utilize Oxipack leak testers for their production lines.

Ongoing Innovation and Customized Solutions

Currently, in partnership with the customer, the Oxipack Centre of Expertise is developing several semi-inline leak testers specifically designed for pouches with a very limited footprint. Additionally, a customized bottle leak tester is being developed to accommodate all their various bottle types.

Establishing Oxipack as a Preferred Partner

This close collaboration has established Oxipack as a preferred partner, setting the stage for further expansion of our global cooperation.

Secure Your Infant Nutrition Products

Interested in ensuring your infant nutrition products are securely packaged without leaks? Contact us at to learn more about our leak detection solutions.

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