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Oxipack Wins Orange Trade Mission Fund: A Leap Towards Global Expansion

Published on
November 20, 2015

On November 12th, 2015, Oxipack was honored as one of the ten winners of the prestigious Orange Trade Mission Fund. Out of over four hundred entries, ten promising small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were selected based on their innovative ideas, ambition, and motivation to succeed internationally. This recognition not only highlights Oxipack's commitment to excellence in leak detection technology but also provides a significant boost to its international expansion efforts.

The Orange Trade Mission Fund

The Orange Trade Mission Fund was established to commemorate the ascension of the Prince of Orange to the throne as King of the Netherlands on April 30, 2013. This fund aims to inspire and encourage Dutch entrepreneurs to explore international markets. The Royal Couple plays a pivotal role in promoting international trade for Dutch companies, providing unique opportunities through trade missions to explore new markets.

Support and Guidance

Winners of the Orange Trade Mission Fund receive a year of support from the fund's initiators, including ING, KLM, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and SME Netherlands. These organizations offer their expertise and international network to help establish and expand business contacts. The Dutch government also plays a facilitating role by organizing trade missions. This marks the third consecutive year that the Orange Trade Mission prizes have been awarded.

Expanding into the USA

Oxipack plans to leverage the support of the Orange Trade Mission Fund to establish a presence in the United States. Serge Smit, CEO of Oxipack, stated, “With the assistance of the Orange Trade Mission Fund, we hope to open doors that have remained closed until now. Ensuring airtight packaging is crucial in the US, and our measurement methods prevent the need to discard entire containers of products due to leaks. Our equipment detects even the smallest leaks immediately after packaging, making it a vital innovation for the US packaging industry. This award will help us demonstrate the value of our technology.”

Growth and Ambition

During a celebratory ceremony at the KLM hangar at Schiphol Oost, Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING Group, presented the awards. Hamers emphasized that the winners of the third edition of the Orange Trade Mission Fund exemplify the growth and ambition of the Dutch economy. “These ten companies have innovative products and aim for international success. We will assist these entrepreneurs with both domestic and international preparations, utilizing our international network and knowledge about the economy, market trends, industry specifics, and cultural nuances of various countries.”

Support from Embassies

Embassies and consulates also extend their support to Oxipack and the other winning companies. Ed Overhoeks, Ambassador of the Netherlands to the Czech Republic, commented, “The Netherlands boasts many innovative companies with excellent products. Past winners of the Orange Trade Mission Fund exemplify this. The fund's partners help entrepreneurs build and expand their networks. They are always welcome at our embassies, consulates general, and trade offices abroad. If necessary, the embassy will act as a mediator.”

The Ten Award Winners for 2015

The ten award winners for 2015 include:

  • Arte Viva – Innovative child security products manufacturer
  • Anker Stuy – Progressive paint products producer
  • Guide ID – Museum audio tour technology company
  • NAÏF – Natural baby foods manufacturer
  • NETICS – Dredging engineering company
  • Octatube – Complex glass and steel architecture and construction company
  • Oesterij – Shellfish cultivation and preservation company
  • Oxipack – Leak detection equipment company
  • Tony’s Chocolonely – Fair trade chocolate manufacturer
  • Yays – Innovative city tourism operator

Winning the Orange Trade Mission Fund is a significant milestone for Oxipack. This recognition not only validates Oxipack's innovative leak detection technology but also provides vital support for its expansion into the US market. With the backing of the Orange Trade Mission Fund and its partners, Oxipack is poised for international success, ensuring the highest standards of packaging integrity across the globe.

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