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Oxipack's Leak Detection Revolutionizes Wet Wipes Packaging

Published on
May 11, 2024

Producing a high-quality product is only part of the equation. Proper packaging is crucial to maintain that quality, especially when the product's exposure to air can degrade its properties or lead to contamination. This was the challenge faced by a leading wet wipes producer when they reached out to the Oxipack Centre of Expertise (CoE).

The Challenge and Initial Approach

The producer, whose wet wipes contain over 10% moisture, needed packaging that was completely airtight to preserve the wipes' efficacy and extend their shelf life. Concerns were also raised about the wet wipes contaminating cardboard transport boxes due to packaging leaks, which contributed to customer complaints.

Diagnostic Testing and Solution Implementation

Oxipack’s CoE conducted a series of tests with the provided samples to determine the current leak sizes. Based on these findings, our experts configured the Stationary Leak Tester (SLT) to address the specific needs of the wet wipes packaging. Impressed with the potential of our non-destructive testing method, the customer decided to rent the SLT for two weeks. This trial period allowed them to perform comprehensive tests and familiarize themselves with the system's effectiveness and ease of use.

Validation and Operational Integration

Following the rental, the producer initiated a two-month validation phase, during which they integrated the SLT into their existing production line to compare its performance with their previous leak detection methods. The validation process highlighted several advantages of the SLT, including its non-destructive nature, ease of operation, direct results, and automated storage of test data, making it a pivotal component in enhancing their quality packing process.

Global Implementation and Quality Assurance

Encouraged by the successful validation, the customer held an online meeting with Oxipack to finalize details and discuss ongoing maintenance. With the final approval from their Global Quality Department, plans were set in motion to deploy SLT units across all their wet wipes manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Through close collaboration with Oxipack, the wet wipes producer not only resolved their immediate packaging challenges but also adopted a more efficient, accurate, and sustainable approach to quality assurance. Now, millions of products, including those as delicate as baby wipes, are assured of optimal protection from production to consumer.

Are you looking to enhance the leak tightness of your product packaging? Contact us at to explore how our leak detection solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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