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Oxipack's Rotator Demonstrates Automated In-Line Leak Detection- Improving Meat Packaging Quality

Published on
November 20, 2020

Our Project Manager, Joris, recently visited a customer in the DACH region—Germany, Switzerland, and Austria—who trialed our Rotator in their production facility for two weeks. This customer, a specialist in meat product packaging, prioritizes the highest quality standards, leading them to explore Oxipack's automated leak detection solutions.

During the trial, the customer experienced firsthand the capabilities of the Rotator, our advanced in-line leak detector. Meat products, particularly sensitive due to their need for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), require rigorous leak testing to maintain freshness and prevent oxygen infiltration. Traditional gas-based leak detection methods, which the customer previously used, involved testing multiple packages simultaneously, making it impossible to identify individual defective packages. This inefficiency often led to the rejection and waste of all tested packages if a leak was detected.

The Rotator offers a significant advancement by automating the leak detection process, reducing the need for manual labor and enhancing accuracy. Each package is tested in a separate chamber, ensuring only defective packages are rejected. This not only improves operational efficiency but also minimizes waste by pinpointing the exact source of leaks.

Joris demonstrated the vacuum decay method on-site, which helped the customer understand how to validate and optimize their leak detection process. The successful two-week demo provided valuable insights into packaging performance, setting the stage for further collaboration to enhance their quality control measures.

Oxipack's solutions represent a leap forward in non-destructive, automated leak detection, promising a future where food safety and quality are guaranteed, and waste is significantly reduced.

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