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Colruyt Enhances Sustainability and Efficiency with Oxipack’s Stationary Leak Testers

Published on
May 8, 2024

Colruyt Group, a prominent Belgian supermarket and wholesaler, is renowned not only for its extensive retail and wholesale operations but also for its firm commitment to environmental sustainability. With a vast network of production and packaging facilities, Colruyt places a high priority on producing food that is not only delicious but also sustainably produced, healthy, and safe.

Sustainable Practices in Production

At Colruyt, sustainability is a core component of their operational philosophy. “Our goal is to ensure that our products meet high standards of sustainability throughout the production chain,” says a spokesperson from Colruyt Group. This commitment is reflected in their concerted efforts with manufacturers and suppliers to minimize food waste—one of the key challenges in the food industry today.

Innovative Leak Detection Technology

A significant part of their strategy to limit waste involves the use of Oxipack’s Stationary Leak Testers, particularly in their cheese and coffee packaging factories. Traditional methods, such as the bubble test, previously used at Colruyt required the destruction of both product and packaging if a leak was detected, contributing to increased waste and costs.

Transition to Oxipack Stationary Leak Testers

The switch to Oxipack’s Stationary Leak Tester marked a pivotal change in how Colruyt approached leak detection. “Switching from the bubble test to Oxipack’s technology allowed us to reintegrate tested cheese back into the production process seamlessly,” the spokesperson adds. This shift not only supports Colruyt's sustainability goals by dramatically reducing food waste but also enhances operational efficiency.

Cost Reduction and Environmental Impact

Within just one year of implementing Oxipack’s leak detection systems, Colruyt has observed a notable reduction in costs. The non-destructive nature of the testing means that even when packages are identified with potential leaks, the integrity of the product remains uncompromised, allowing for further processing or repackaging as necessary.

Colruyt Group's adoption of Oxipack’s Stationary Leak Testers exemplifies how technological innovation can align with and bolster a company’s commitment to sustainability. By minimizing waste and reducing costs, Colruyt continues to lead by example, showing how responsible business practices can coexist with environmental stewardship.

For more information on how Oxipack’s leak detection solutions can transform your production processes, contact us!

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