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Rixona Elevates Product Integrity with Oxipack’s Advanced Leak Detection Solutions

Published on
December 9, 2020

Rixona, a premier producer of dried potato products and a subsidiary of Aviko, boasts an annual turnover exceeding 70 million euros. The company operates eleven distinct production and packaging lines, annually producing 75,000 tonnes of potato granules and flakes. With a global distribution network, Rixona exports ninety percent of its production, emphasizing its international reach.

Ensuring that packaging is airtight and leak-free is essential for maintaining the highest quality standards immediately after packaging. This commitment led Rixona to seek an advanced and precise method to enhance their leak detection capabilities, moving beyond traditional methods that no longer met their rigorous standards.

Rixona’s product range is diverse, with packaging sizes varying significantly. The smallest retail soft packs weigh merely 59 grams, whereas the largest atmospheric packages, designed for the food service sector and industrial use, range from 5 to 25 kilograms.

After a rigorous testing phase, Rixona adopted Oxipack’s standalone leak detection solutions. These systems were perfectly suited for smaller packages, and for larger sizes, Oxipack developed customized solutions tailored to meet Rixona’s specific needs. This upgrade has enabled the production system to rapidly and accurately test for packaging leaks, significantly minimizing the need for remedial actions and reducing product rejects. As a result, Rixona has consistently maintained high-quality standards across its product line. Now, after over seven years in operation, the Oxipack leak testers continue to perform successfully, ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction.

Are you looking to enhance the leak detection process in your production line? Discover how Oxipack’s tailored leak detection solutions can help you maintain the highest quality standards.

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