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Securing Infant Nutrition: Oxipack's Custom Leak Detection Solutions

Published on
April 9, 2024

A few years ago, the director of operations from a prominent US-based infant nutrition company reached out to Oxipack. The goal was clear: to implement a non-destructive method for detecting micro leaks in their metal-based and composite (carton) cans of infant nutrition. Following their initial inquiry, they acquired three of our Can Leak Testers, which have successfully operated over the years, underscoring the reliability of our solutions.

Innovating for New Challenges

This year, the company embarked on launching an innovative formula packaging, presenting us with a new challenge. The packaging consisted of a tub with a peel seal, an internal spoon, and a high cover—all needing a non-destructive testing solution that could handle complete units directly off the production line. Furthermore, the product was available in three different sizes, all requiring a uniform testing approach.

Customized Testing Solutions

Adapting to the unique design and requirements of this new packaging, our Centre of Expertise began with a thorough analysis. We evaluated the peel seal's limits, determined the necessary duration for acquiring stable measurement signals, and debated between using a flexible membrane or a rigid cover for the testing procedure.

Given the varying sizes of the tubs, we faced the challenge of designing a machine that was both simple for operators to use and flexible enough to handle different dimensions with minimal adjustments. Leveraging cutting-edge 3D printing technology, our engineers developed a solution with very few exchangeable parts, enhancing both usability and efficiency.

Final Validation and Implementation

After rigorous testing and adjustments, we established a measuring limit of >0.9 cm³/min, satisfying the customer’s stringent quality thresholds. The final product, the Tubs Leak Tester, was customized with a specially designed dummy to ensure optimal performance. This bespoke solution now ensures that every package leaving the production line is thoroughly tested and confirmed leak-tight.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

With Oxipack's tailored leak detection systems, companies can confidently guarantee the integrity of their packaging, thus safeguarding the quality and safety of infant nutrition products. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction continues to drive our efforts in providing industry-leading leak detection solutions.

Are you concerned about the integrity of your infant formula packaging? Reach out to us at to discover how our custom solutions can ensure your products are perfectly sealed.

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