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Oxipack’s Tailored Leak Detection for Plant-Based Meat Packaging

Published on
May 10, 2024

Recently, the packaging leader of a pioneering plant-based meat company reached out to Oxipack, driven by a critical need. Their mission to reduce environmental impact necessitated a non-destructive method to test their product packaging, starting with vacuum-packed minced meat—a staple in their product line.

Developing a Custom Solution

Recognizing the importance of maintaining both product integrity and environmental sustainability, Oxipack’s Centre of Expertise took on the challenge. Initially, a prototype was developed to demonstrate that leaks could be effectively identified using a specialized method designed not to harm the packaging or its contents. However, the project experienced a temporary pause.

During this hiatus, Oxipack did not remain idle. The team refined their approach, leading to the creation of the Vacuum Sealed Leak Tester (VSLT). This new device was engineered specifically for vacuum-packed products like cheese and meat, ensuring that any leaks could be swiftly and easily detected.

On-Site Testing and Validation

The next phase involves a crucial step: Oxipack’s experts plan to visit the customer’s facilities to conduct on-site tests with the VSLT on both fresh and frozen minced meat packaging. This hands-on demonstration aims to solidify the client’s confidence in the VSLT’s ability to safeguard package integrity and, by extension, the quality of their plant-based products.

A Promising Outlook

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Centre of Expertise, what seemed like a daunting challenge is now well within reach. The collaboration between Oxipack and the plant-based meat company is set to mark a significant advancement in sustainable packaging practices, proving that environmental responsibility and product quality can go hand in hand.

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