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Oxipack’s Innovative Leak Detection for Tofu Packaging

Published on
April 18, 2024

A leading global producer of high-quality foods encountered a critical challenge with their tofu packaging. During the packaging process, micro leaks in container-packed tofu trays, which were filled with water, were not always detected in time. This oversight often resulted in wet cardboard outer boxes or, worse, compromised packaging reaching supermarkets and restaurants.

Addressing the Challenge

In response to their need for reliable, non-destructive leak detection immediately after filling and sealing, the producer turned to Oxipack’s Centre of Expertise. Given the added complexities of high product temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius and a humid factory environment, our team was eager to tackle the challenge.

Innovative Testing Process

Upon receiving the project, our leak detection advisors promptly began exploring various testing methodologies. After receiving sample packaging from the producer and conducting an initial assessment, it became clear that a specialized approach was necessary. The sample containers were scanned with a 3D scanner, allowing Oxipack to create a custom mold that fit the packaging precisely.

This tailor-made solution minimized the space around the product, enhancing our ability to detect not just micro leaks but also larger discrepancies. Using this custom mold, we conducted tests with our compact and efficient model, the Stationary Leak Tester XS.

Successful Implementation and Results

The testing phase proved highly successful, and demonstration videos sent to the customer showcased the effectiveness of our approach. Convinced by the results, the producer initially rented the Stationary Leak Tester XS to experience its capabilities firsthand during production. The ease of use, coupled with fast and reliable results, quickly led to the decision to purchase the unit. Now, the leak tester is a permanent fixture next to their production line.

Ongoing Support and Satisfaction

Throughout the implementation and beyond, the Oxipack Support Team was on hand to swiftly address any questions and provide necessary software updates, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality. This collaboration has not only saved the producer time and money but has also significantly enhanced product quality and reduced waste.

Extend Your Product Integrity with Oxipack

Are you facing similar challenges with your packaging processes? Whether you produce tofu or any other product, Oxipack’s Centre of Expertise is ready to address your leak detection needs. Contact us at to see how we can help you ensure the integrity of your packaging and the quality of your products.

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