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The Evolution of Leak Detection: From Water Tanks to Leak Detection 2.0

Published on
November 17, 2021

The Evolution of Leak Detection: A Journey Towards Sustainability

In a recent interview for RTL7 GreenProjects, Serge Smit, founder of Oxipack, shared the fascinating history of leak detection, tracing its development over 35 years. From the rudimentary methods of the past to the advanced technologies of today, the journey has been remarkable.

Reducing Waste: The Early Days

For many years, the food industry relied on water tanks to test for leaks in packaging. The process was simple: submerge the package, watch for bubbles, and determine if there were any leaks. However, this method was not without its drawbacks. After testing, the wet samples had to be discarded, leading to significant food waste. Despite its simplicity, this approach was inefficient and environmentally unfriendly.

Non-Destructive Leak Testing: A Major Advancement

A pivotal moment in leak detection came with the introduction of Oxipack's stationary leak tester three years ago. This innovative technology allowed for the non-destructive testing of flexible packaging and form-proof coffee capsules. Unlike the old water tank method, packages that passed the test remained dry and could be sold. This breakthrough significantly reduced waste and marked a substantial improvement in leak detection technology.

100% Inline Testing: Leak Detection 2.0

Oxipack didn't stop there. The company has since advanced to 100% inline testing of flexible fluid packaging, a process they proudly call "leak detection 2.0." This cutting-edge technology can test up to 60 or even 120 packs per minute, ensuring that every package is checked for leaks without interrupting the production process. This leap forward was showcased at Interpack 2017, highlighting Oxipack's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Founder Smit's Vision

In the interview, founder Arjan Smit shared his passion for leak detection and his vision for the future. By establishing Oxipack, Smit aimed to preserve and advance his knowledge in the field, benefiting countless companies and helping to reduce food waste. His drive and dedication have led to revolutionary advancements in leak detection methods, contributing to more sustainable and efficient packaging solutions.

The history of leak detection is a testament to the power of innovation and the importance of sustainability. From the wasteful methods of the past to the efficient, non-destructive technologies of today, the journey has been transformative. Thanks to pioneers like Serge Smit and the groundbreaking work of Oxipack, the future of leak detection looks promising, with significant benefits for both industry and the environment.

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