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Can Leak Tester (CLT)

Published on
June 5, 2024

The Oxipack Can Leak Tester (CLT) is a versatile solution designed for testing various types of cans, including metal and composite carton cans, with or without paper labels. Utilizing the vacuum decay method for leak testing, the CLT's patented, FDA-approved flexible membrane is pre-formed to match the shape of the packaging. This design allows for creating a small measuring space around the packaging and a deep vacuum in the test chamber, ensuring the protection of seals and contents.

The CLT's ability to test different package sizes and filling weights, thanks to interchangeable clock heads, makes it a quick and efficient tool for objective results. It can detect micro-leaks as well as larger leaks or open packs, making it ideal for quality control in can packaging. Meeting the ASTM F2338 standards, the CLT is a non-destructive, accurate, and easy-to-operate solution for ensuring the integrity of canned products.


  • Vacuum decay method for different can types.
  • FDA-approved flexible membrane.
  • Non-destructive detection of micro and larger leaks.


  • Adaptable for metal and composite cans.
  • Protects product integrity while testing.
  • Quick and efficient testing process.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions and Weight: 580 x 400 x 878 mm, 62 KG
  • Materials: Powder coated steel, Anodized aluminium, Polycarbonate, Rubber
  • Power Supply: 100 - 230V 50/60HZ
  • Air Supply: 55 - 8 bar
  • Compliance and IP Rating: CE IP40
  • Leak Detection Method: ASTM F2338
  • Minimum Leakage: > 09 cm3/min
  • Maximum Testing Capacity: 2P/M
  • Connections: USB/Ethernet export, 24VDC logic (free programmable)
  • Packaging Type and Size: Standard can diameters include Ø83 mm, Ø99 mm, Ø127 mm, Ø153 mm
  • Features: Non-destructive, accurate, easy to operate, direct result, robust design

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